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Bed flipping or the Fall

Posted on August 22nd, 2020 by Lilly Emendy

Between the heavy rains the soil in a few of our beds was able to dry out enough to be "flipped". For us, this process means (1) removing the plant debris form the last crop (2) pulling out any large grass/weed clumps by hand (3) rolling up landscape fabric and drip tape lines (4) applying naturally derived amendments like feather meal and sunflower hull ash (5) tilling to a depth of 4 inches OR broadforking the bed and hand raking the top smooth and finially, (6) covering the shaped and amended beds with a silage tarp for 2 weeks-2 months depending on the time of year and available time within the season's planting plan.

It's a labor intensive, dirty, sweaty, sometimes smelly process and we love it. It signals the closing of one season and the fresh start of another. In this case we flipped kale, 2 beds of cucumbers, swiss chard, and kohlrabi. They will soon become 3 succession plantings of spring mix lettuce, and 2 succession plantings of 50' of arugula and 25' of radishes.

Hoping everyone is staying safe, physically and mentally and emotionally. I know we've been appreciating the cooler weather as a sign of positive change to come. 


Bon appatit,

Lilly and Theo