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Seasons change and farmers adapt

Posted on August 7th, 2020 by Lilly Emendy

With the slow but persistent seasonal changes, in the thick of the summer heat you have to really focus to notice the subtle differences. Afternoon rains turn to intense thunderstorms. Scorching hot noon sun, turns to humid breezes and ominous clouds. Grasshoppers grow from small and bright green to 4” long and brown, with the unpleasant habit of flying right at your face while harvesting their hot peppers. Harlequin bugs disappear and leaf-footed bugs swarm damaged fruits. Cherry tomatoes fade away as little okra (pictured) appear on the dominate plants. 

We’re exhausted and grateful, weary and hopeful. As the season changes in our environment so does our staff. Ano is headed back to A&T in a couple of weeks, Nallah will be around a bit but not as much, and we’re welcoming a new Assistant Manager, Theo to the farm all within a week. 

You’ll get to know Theo more over the coming months, a recent graduate of Guilford College and passionate about food accessibility and farming, we’re excited to bask in all of his energy. 

Stay safe, stay cool,