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Work week, rain, and a reminder

Posted on July 25th, 2020 by Lilly Emendy

We had the pleasure of hosting a group of motivated, giving, hard-working volunteers all week long. They were a group of youth from College Park Baptist who turned their cancelled summer trip to New Orleans into lemonade and came to work, learn, and listen on the land. They were able to accomplish so much more than I imagined and really helped us get caught up on some dream projects around the Farm! But even more so, they engaged in important discussions around food and faith and who gets access and who is denied access. Not to mention working outside on the hottest week of the year!

Which leads me to the afternoon thunderstorms and the blessing and curse that 2.25 inches in 24 hours is on our crops. Our soil was THIRSTY, so as an environmentalist I am so glad the land got a hearty soak. As a farmer, there are a couple of consequences, such as our big, beautiful ripening heirloom tomato varieties with tender skin, such as Cherokee Purple and Brandywine grow too quickly and split overnight. This week and potentially in future weeks we will be offering a $1/lb split and cracked heirloom tomato extra for those of you who are in salsa and sauce making mode. Or just for quick eating too! These orders will be filled with perfectly edible, slightly damaged tomatoes. Hopefully, this is a way to get good food (with little shelf life) to folx who will eat it! 

Lastly, I wanted to remind everyone about the break we take in August. We will not be filling regular box orders from the 2nd week of August through the end of August. That's August 12th-28th we will not have regular shares. This gives us tome to flip beds and get fall transplants in the ground. HOWEVER, the farm does not stop just because we do, so there will be some veg still producing and we will open up our extra produce to anyone on our Farmstand list. If you're interested in receiving veggies and herbs those weeks, make sure you're signed up here: 

Thanks to everyone who has filled out our survey, we're getting some really useful and lovely feedback, we love you all too!



Lilly, Ano and Nallah