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Season change

Posted on May 15th, 2020 by Lilly Emendy

Sixth week of our Harvest Box can it be?? In a typical spring, time seems to be both at a standstill and fly by in April and May. We’re so busy with our heads down in the task right in front of us it’s hard to make a moment to look up and see how the season fits in the larger picture. I imagine this is a phenomena that many of us are feeling right now. How do we anchor ourselves without our regular events... potlucks on the farm, religious services, visits with family and friends, the kids’ ballet class! 

For us here at the Urban Teaching Farm there is a pretty major event that’s just about to happen. As some of you know and I may have mentioned on this platform before, both Olivia and Zak are leaving the farm at the end of May. Olivia has been a part of the Greensboro Fellow Program and came to us last September knowing she would be finishing up at the end of May. While working part time with us at Out Of The Garden Project, mostly on the farm, but also in our admin offices, Olivia has been learning and listening deeply to her own personal connection to the land and how she can best steward that love and connection with those around her. Zak was the original hire for this farm project in the summer of 2018. Newly moved to the area, he went to a local Greensboro Permaculture Guild meeting and found out through the grapevine that the grant funding for this project was just about to come through and expressed his interest in being involved. Two years later and he has been everything from intern to resident beekeeper to tool specialists and food safe certified wash house manager. 

Sometimes and probably most often, community forms in all the ways you don’t plan on. These two people have cared about their job, the mission behind this project, each other, you all, our neighbors, and making a difference. They will be sorely missed. 

But just as in nature, seasons transition and evolve, and as Zak and Olivia leave the farm they leave behind space and opportunity for two more people to build relationship with this land, learn how to steward this community best, and share their humor and wisdom and strength with all of us. Both of our summer interns have excepted the position and you all will get to know them and meet them in the coming weeks!

So... THANK YOU for your support of this community and food growing project. THANK YOU for sticking with us during this moment of flying and elusive time. THANK YOU for dreaming about future potlucks to come!


With love and gratitude,