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Blackberries, garlic and cherry tomatoes!

Posted on June 21st, 2022 by Chelsey Simpson

We're about to get into the heart of summer produce, but not QUITE yet. Just a note about how we allocate food around here: if a crop isn't a sure thing, we don't offer it up in the grocery boxes. So we might get small numbers of tomatoes, peppers and peaches in the store this week, but you won't see them in your grocery box yet. The options for this box are set today, and farmers aren't always sure about a crop until they pick it later in the week. 

The good news is, this last-minute harvesting means that you get very fresh food. The other good news is that you will see local blackberries, garlic and local cherry tomatoes this week, both field grown (different producers than earlier in the season.) 

Thank you so much for being a member!  -- Chelsey, Matt and the UA Team