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Farm Happenings for Week of June 20th

Posted on June 16th, 2022 by Lorraine Blackwell

We are in the exciting season where there are new veggies becoming available each week! This week we have organic strawberries from Fair Fields Farm, loads of kale, chard, and collards greens, plus green onions, beets, and garlic scapes. And all of our spring season regulars like salad mix, spring turnips, kohlrabi, and more are also available. We are also fully restocked on GMO turkey and certified organic maple syrup from Snyder Heritage Farms. Oh, and we restocked ginger and sweet potatoes from Pfennings Organic Farms (imported from their US partner farms). Our chickens have been working hard laying eggs so we have an egg sale on this week as well.

The peas are actively flower, the zucchinis are growing bigger, and the cucumbers are starting to flower. Stay tuned for these items for our next delivery!

You will notice that some of our items from area producers (plus some of our own) have increased in price from last year. I know increasing food costs is not a surprise to anyone and I assure you that all small-scale farmers spend a lot of time agonizing over making sure our food is affordable and accessible to people while balancing our own rising input costs. We like to feed people and most of us get into this work because a concern and interest in food security and accessibility. When deciding on prices, I always look at input costs, labour time, and standard market prices and try to find a price that balances these factors. On our farm, the primary areas we have seen large input cost increases are animal feed, fuel, and glassware (for honey) with modest increases in just about every other input. If you ever have questions about how we decide on particular prices or our decision making practise I am always happy to chat!