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Week 20

Posted on September 24th, 2022 by Ford Waterstrat

Did you know that all of our electricity needs for the farm are powered by the sun? That's right- Sustainable Harvest Farm is more than just a name. We're pretty impressed with the solar panel system. However, one aspect of sustainability that's probably even more important to us- is the soil. We go to great lengths to build, protect, and nurture healthy soil. It's the right thing to do. Without healthy soil we won't have healthy fruits and vegetables. Sure- fruits and vegetables can be produced in an indoor soiless facility- but so can twinkies and ding dongs. Which fruit and vegetable do you think will nourish your body more? One from a farm that's 1.5 hours away from you that has no harmful chemicals sprayed on it? Or a beautiful picture perfect one that absorbs who knows what from an indoor billion dollar growing facility? And where and what are the nutrients from a soiless growing facility coming from?

Thank you for letting us be your farmers-

Best wishes,