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Week 14

Posted on August 1st, 2020 by Ford Waterstrat

We hope that you are well. All of us at SHF (plants included) are pretty tired and thankful for some rain and decreasing temps! The guys have been working 70-80 hour weeks for quite some time now- but fortunately we were able to take a little extra time off with the rain. We hope that you get to virtually meet the team here at SHF in each month's farm newsletter. They are a terrific bunch of guys. Here's a video of all of us working together to harvest tomatoes.

Thanks to all the folks that opted for the half price "ugly" watermelons. There are 3 insects that are nearly impossible to deal with on on an organic farm- cucumber beetle, harlequin beetle, and flea beetle. Well shucks- there are 4- the corn earworm. But the cucumber beetle has been playing havoc this season on the watermelons. On hot days they enjoy hiding underneath the watermelon and eating a thin bite of the rind. Fortunately they do not damage the part that you eat.

Hopefully this next harvest of watermelons (from a different field) will have less damage.

And please remember our 100% Satisfaction Guarantee

Best wishes, Farmer Ford