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Farm Happenings October 8 - Winter program, garlic and extras

Posted on October 6th, 2019 by Mike Kozlowski

Hi Folks, 

This is the last pick up of the summer program. It's been a blast for me and I really hope that these vegetables have added value to your life. 

You will see an email in your inbox with details about our winter program beginning in November. I am adding lots of extras to the list this week so that if you want to order to get you through Thanksgiving and into November you have the option to do so. 

I am also adding some extra garlic in 1lb bags for $12 to the list for those of you who want to store up to get through the winter.

Finally, on the cold mornings before things thaw out some of the farm crew have been exploring their creative side through making garlic braids. These are great as centrepieces for Thanksgiving, as gifts to your hosts, and as a way to store your own garlic long into the winter. We are selling these on the extras list for $40. 

 Stay warm!