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Steel Pony Farm provides fresh, local, and chemical-free produce in Red Deer. We put our complete love and care into every seed that we plant each spring until it becomes beautiful, colorful produce that you get to enjoy.

My farms mission is to provide my community with nutritious produce, while respecting the people, land, and ecosystem that provides for us. We provide you with sustainably grown produce grown just outside of Red Deer. 

Farm Happenings for July 7, 2022

Posted on July 1st 2022 by Mike Kozlowski

We are so happy to have many new and returning members this week and can't wait to get these awesome veggies and other products into your kitchen. We feel fortunate to have partnered with many other producers to diversify the vegetables we have for you and to expand the line of products that we carry. Please enjoy exploring our offerings and feel free... read more »

Beet Greens
Bok Choy
Cabbage (medium)
Collard Greens
Medium Garlic
Cooking Onions
Green Onions
Salad Greens
White Potatoes (2b)
Squash, Winter
Dried Oregano
zzz dont use
Salad Mix
Garlic Scapes
Promotional Item
Organic Spicy Mix Microgreens
Pea Shoots
DOSE Coffee Columbia Molina
Kombucha Assorted 6 pack
Organic Kale Microgreens
Mini Purple Cabbages
Tomatoes (from Eagle Creek and Shirley's Greenhosue)
Sweet Peppers
Mans Eggs
Green Pepper
Tomatoes (Eagle Creek)
Purple Cabbage
Tomatoes (From Eagle Creek)
Rhubarb (Eagle Creek)
Flower bouquet (Eagle Creek)
Mini Cucumbers (Shirleys Greenhouse)
Organic Broccoli Microgreens
Purple Potatoes (2lb)
DELETE DOSE Coffee Columbia Molina
DELETE DOSE Coffee Columbia Dulima Decaf
DELETE DOSE Coffee Columbia Dulima
Organic Vine Ripened Tomatoes (Mans Organic)
Organic Mini Cucumbers (Mans Organic)
Corn (Molnar Farms)
Spaghetti Squash
Pickled Garlic 250ml jar
Steel Pony Farm Adult T-Shirt (you can pick the size in person)
Steel Pony Farm Kids T-Shirt (you can pick the size in person)
Steel Pony Farm Adult T-Shirt (you can indictate the size by email)
Steel Pony Farm Kids T-Shirt (you can indictate the size by email)
Eat Raw Honey 500g - Creamed
Steel Pony Farm Hat - I Love Alberta Carrots
Eat Raw Honey 1kg - Creamed
Steel Pony Farm Hat - You can pick the style in person
Steel Pony Farm Hat - You can email me which style you would like
Steel Pony Farm Kids T-Shirt - you can email me with your size
Steel Pony Farm Garlic Powder
B Grade Beets (good for pickling) - 5lbs
Steel Pony Farm Adult T-Shirt - you can email me with your size. We're out of small
Steel Pony Farm Garlic Powder (50g
Red Kuri Squash (2-2.5lb)
Steel Pony Farm Garlic Powder (50g)
Jalapeno Peppers
Cherry Tomatoes (Roots and Rooster Farm)
Tomato (Roots and Rooster Farm)
Leeks (Roots and Rooster Farm)
Hakuri Turnip(Roots and Rooster Farm)
Sugar Pumpkin
Red Potatoes (2lb)
Sweet Potatoes (2.5lbs)
1 lb of Garlic (Tibetan)
1 lb of Garlic (Music)
1 lb of Garlic (Red Russian)
Organic Radish Microgreens
Pickled Beets
Sweet Peppers (Mans Organics)
Brussels Sprouts
Shallots - Mans Organic
Small Purple Cabbage
Deep Water Farms Salad Blend
Acorn Squash
Baking Pumpkin (Fork in the Rowed Farm)
King Oyster Mushrooms
Small Garlic
Medium Garlic
zzGreen Cabbage
2lbs Leffers Organics Carrots
Medium Garlic (Medium)
zzGreen Cabbage
Cooking Onions
ZZZButternut Squash
Celeriac (1lb)
Organic Kohlrabi Microgreens
Acorn Squash (Steel Pony)
Small Garlic
1lb Red Russian Garlic
Red Kuri Squash
Spaghetti Squash 1.5-2lb
Butternut Squash (2.5-3lb)
Brussels Sprouts
ZZZ Small Spaghetti Squash
Green Cabbage 1.6-2lbs
Cabbage 3.1-3.5lbs
ZZZLarge Red Kuri Squash
Red Kuri Squash 1.5-2lbs
Butternut Squash 2-2.5lbs
Butternut Squash 3.5-4lb
Butternut Squash 4+ lbs
ZZZSmall Red Kuri Squash
Butterleaf Lettuce
Mans Eggnog
ZZZSmall Butternut Squash
ZZZMedium Butternut Squash
ZZZLarge Butternut Squash
Small Red Kuri
Medium Red Kuri
Large Red Kuri
ZZZSmall Spaghetti Squash
ZZZMedium Spaghetti Squash
ZZZLarge Spaghetti Squash
Cabbage (Eagle Creek)
Medium Garlic (Mans Organic)
Small Garlic (Mans Organic)
Dried Sage (Steel Pony Farm)
Red Cooking Onions (Mans Organic)
Yellow Cooking Onions
Beets (1.5lb)
Large Garlic
Apple Cider
Blush Lane Organic Gala Apples
Dads Amazing BBQ Sauce
Organic Bodacious Tomato Ketchup
Chedder Cheese
Organic Sunflower Flax Seed Granola
Organic Quick Oat Flakes
Organic Quick Oat Flakes
Organic Rolled Oat Flakes
White Organic Sourdough Bread
750 ml Ukrainian Sauerkraut
2L Rock Ridge 3.25% Organic Jersey Cow Milk
2L Rock Ridge 2% Organic Jersey Milk
2L Rock Ridge 1% Organic Jersey Milk
2L Rock Ridge Whole Goat Milk
2L Rock Ridge Skim Organic Jersey Milk
1L Rock Ridge 35% Organic Jersey Whipping Cream
1L Rock Ridge 10% Organic Jersey Half & Half Cream
1LB Rock Ridge Butter
Organic Sunflower Flax Granola
Garlic Powder
Ukrainian Sauerkraut
Blue Oyster Mushroom
Blue Oyster Mushroom
Elm Oyster Mushroom
Pink Oyster Mushroom
Einkorn Sourdough Bread
Organic German Rye Bread
1L Rock Ridge 3.25% Organic Jersey Cow Milk
1L Rock Ridge 2% Organic Jersey Milk
1L Rock Ridge 1% Organic Jersey Milk
1L Rock Ridge Skim Organic Jersey Milk
2L Rock Ridge Whole Organic Jersey Cow Milk
Caffeine Free Rooibos Chai Wallahs Chai Tea
Masala Chai Chai Wallahs Tea
So Elderberry Good Syrup
Kinpod Toasted Sea Salt Almond Chocolate Bar
Kinpod Caramel Milk Chocolate Bar
Kinpod Vegan Coconut Milk and Candied Cacao Nib Bar
ZZZMedium Red Kuri Squash
Kinpod Dark Milk Sea Salt
ARK Leafy Green Kale
ARK Fresh Spinach
Taco Loft Hot Sauce
Don Nowoselski Apple Cider
Galimax Beefsteak Tomatoes
Galimax Clamshell Butterleaf Lettuce
Galimax Large Cucumbers
Galimax Medley Tomatoes
Galimax Mini Cucumbers
Galimax Red Grape Tomato
Galimax Roma Tomatoes on Vine
Galimax Sweet Banana Pepper
Galimax Tomato on Vine
Keho Lake Yellow Onions
Leffers Organics Red Beets
Organic Flax Seed
Organic Power Grains Hot Cereal
Organic Muffin & Pancake Mix
Organic Whole Grain Wheat Flour
RLV Black Beans Canada No1
RLV Red Beans Canada No1
Vitaliteas Cardamom Licorice Delight
Organic Unbleached All-Purpose Flour
Organic Artisan Bread & Pizza Flour
Organic Red Fife Flour
Feta Cheese Rock Ridge
Organic Oat Trilogy Hot Cereal
Rock Ridge Chevre Cheese
Organic Euro-Style Muesli
250ML O.G Ghee
250ML URB'N Garlic Ghee
250ML M.C. Ghee (Masala Chai)
200 ml Ukrainian Sauerkraut
125ml O.G Ghee
125ml URB'N Garlic Ghee
125ml M.C Ghee (Masala)
Smak Dab Curry Dijon Mustard
Smak Dab Canadian Maple Honey
Smak Dab Canadian Maple Mustard
Smak Dab White Wine Herb Mustard
Smak Dab Hot Honey Jalapeno Mustard
Piccalilli Original
Alberta Natural Products Greens Herbal Blend 255g
Alberta Natural Products Greens Herbal Blend 255
Kombucha Assorted 4 pack
Vitaliteas Organic Earl Grey Tea
Pickling Onions (2 lbs)
Rafferty Farms Heirloom Basil 28g
Large Green Cabbage
Medium Shirt - Steel Pony Farm
XL Shirt - Steel Pony Farm
Youth Medium Shirt - Steel Pony Farm
Youth Small Shirt - Steel Pony Farm
Cloth Bag - Steel Pony Farm
Poppy Seed Bun
Organic Sausage in Cheese Dough
Organic Cheese & Bacon Stick
Organic Focaccia Sourdough
Hear Me Raw Warrior Protein Bar- 70g
Hear Me Raw Salted Caramel Peanut Butter Cups 4 pack- 120g
Hear Me Raw Digestzen Energy Balls - 2pk
Hear Me Raw Inner Glow Energy Balls - 2pk
Hear Me Raw Get Rooted Energy Balls - 2pk
Hear Me Raw Salted Caramel Energy Balls - 2pk
Chickadee Farm Dried Celery Flakes 25g
Chickadee Farms Dried Dill Leaf 25g
Chickadee Farm Dried Italian Blend Herbs 25g
Chickadee Farm Dried Greek Oregano 25g
Energy Ball
Chickadee Farm Dried Parsley Flakes 25g
Chickadee Farm Dried Peppermint 50g
Chickadee Farms Dried Garden Sage 25g
Chickadee Farm Dried Savory Herbs Blend 25g
Chickadee Farm Dried English Thyme 25g
Chickadee Farm Everyday Herbal Tea
Chickadee Farm Dried Sweet Basil Herb 25g
5th Generation Garlic Goddess Dip - 45g
5th Generation Smoked Black Garlic - 30g
5th Generation Fresh Ground Garlic Powder 50 g
5th Generation Garlic Supreme 125ml
5th Generation Farm Garlic Scape Relish
Galimax Mini Mixed Bell Peppers
Blue Oyster Mushrooms
Support Local Coffee Mug
DELETE 5th Generation Farm Garlic Scape Relish
Vanilla Rhubarb Jam
Strawberry Cardamom Jam
Hot Pineapple Turmeric Salsa
Warm Cinnamon Tomato Salsa
Green Kohlrabi
Green Cabbage
Vital Green - 52% Heavy Cream 250ml
Vital Green Mild Gouda 250g
Vital Green Organic Plain Yogurt 750ml
Blush Lane Organic Pink Lady Apples
Broccoli Radish Microgreens Half n Half
Deep Water Farm Baby Arugula
Deep Water Farm Baby Kale
Organic Sweet Onion Powder
Beet Noodles
Kohlrabi Sticks
Shredded Cabbage
Organic Garlic Salt
Pickled Baby Carrot
Salt and Vinegar Dill Pickles
Lentil Radish 50/50 Mix
Spicy Tropical Dill Pickles
Pickled Fennel Beets
Oregano and Chili Pickled Garlic
Pickled Asparagus
Pickled Snow Peas
Kimchi Style Pickled Brussel Sprouts
Spicy Mexican Pickled Carrot
Chili Lime Pickled Green Beans
Lemon Dill Pickles
Herb and Pepper Pickled Mushrooms
Dill and Mustard Pickled Eggs
Lemon Garlic Dill Pickled Green Beans
Steel Pony Farm Sticker
Support Your Local Farmers Sticker
Steel Pony Farm Fridge Magnet
French Fingerling Potatoes
Mojojo Pickled Carrot Coins
DOSE Decaf Coffee Colombia
Highwood Crossing Popcorn Kernels
Rafferty Farms Pesto
Granulated Garlic
Brassica Blend Microgreens
ARK Dino Black Kale
Southern Skies Butterleaf Lettuce
Southern Skies Green Kale
Southern Skies Swiss Chard
Vital Green Buttermilk 1L
Vital Green Cheese Curds 250g
Vital Green Chocolate Milk - 250ml
Vital Green Chocolate Milk 1L
Vital Green Cream Cheese 250g
Vital Green Kefir 1L
Vital Green Raspberry Yogurt - 500g
Vital Green Strawberry Yogurt - 500g
Vital Green Vanilla Yogurt - 750g
Vital Green 4PK Raspberry Yogurt
Vital Green 4PK Strawberry Yogurt
Vital Green Sour Cream
Wise Foods Lions Mane Mushroom - 150g
Rafferty Farms Mint - 28g
Vitalaberry Farms Gourmet Haskap Topping - 450ml
Galimax Red Bell Pepper
Galimax Orange Bell Pepper
Galimax Yellow Bell Pepper
Large Organic Cucumbers (Mans Organic)
Spicy Picalilli
Organic Beefsteak Tomato
Lentil radish pea microgreen mix
Grass Fed Butter 250g
Italian Blend Sample
Pembina Mint Tea Sample
Organic Pink Lady Apple
Fairwinds Monterey Jack Goat Cheese
Fairwinds Saskatoon Berry Goat Yogurt
Fairwinds Plain Goat Yogurt
Fairwinds Apricot Mango Goat Yogurt
Beef Pepperoni Sticks (6 sticks)
Bison Pepperoni Sticks (6 sticks)
Regular Beef Jerky 200g pack
Pepper Beef Jerky 200g pack
New Earth Organics Grass-fed Premium Hydrolyzed Collagen Peptide Powder
Kaslo Sourdough Classic Radiatori
Kaslo Sourdough Spelt Clear Fusilli
Kaslo Sourdough Classic Macaroni
Kaslo Sourdough Classic Spaghetti
Kaslo Sourdough Classic Linguini
Bad Coffee Nitro Cold Brew 4-Pack Cans
Amiable Organic Chives
New Earth Organics 16 Mega Mushroom Organic Blend Powder
New Earth Organics Lions Mane Organic Mushroom Powder
Verge Fermented Beef Pepperoni
zzzz don't use
The Maple Farm Pure Organic Maple Syrup Amber
The Maple Farm Pure Organic Maple Syrup Dark
Kinpod Dark Chocolate GF Pretzels
Vital Green 35% Organic Whipping Cream
Goodness Bombs - 3 Pack Lemon Coconut Bliss
Goodness Bombs - 3 Pack Fudge Brownie Date
Goodness Bombs - 3 Pack Mint Chocolate Date
1L Rock Ridge Whole Organic Jersey Cow Milk