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Farm Happenings for November 4, 2019

Posted on November 2nd, 2019 by Mike Kozlowski


Thank you so much for signing up for a box of produce with us this winter. Local produce is hard to find at this time of year so I'm happy to be in a position to offer this for you.

I'm excited to kick things off this Monday at Purearth Organics between 4:30 and 7:00. Parking may be a challenge down there this first week but the new lot will be opening shortly and will make pickup a lot easier.

In an effort to decrease waste and plastic your veggies will be in a large paper bag. Inside of that bag your produce will be loose. This is not as neat and tidy an approach as we have had in the past but the thousands of plastic bags we saved this summer with a similar approach make the small bit of inconvenience worth it.

I hope you enjoy your veggies and please be in touch if you have any questions.


Thanks so much!