Farm Happenings at Steel Pony Farm
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Farm Happenings at Steel Pony Farm

Farm Happenings for December 28, 2020

Posted on December 26th, 2020
I hope that you had a great Christmas. Although it was a very different day for us than in previous years, we actually really enjoyed the time alone as a family with our kids Adler and Ariella. It was Ariella's first Christmas, and the first Christmas where Adler really knew what was going on, so it... read more »

Farm Happenings for December 21, 2020 - 1 lb bags of garlic for sale

Posted on December 19th, 2020
Hi there! Wishing you a restful break this Christmas season. After this week we have one more week of deliveries after Christmas and before the New Year. So if you pick up weekly, you should have one more week. If you pick up every other week, this is your last week unless you have made adjustments... read more »

Farm Happenings for December 7, 2020 - Coffee from DOSE Coffe on the extras list

Posted on December 4th, 2020
I hope that you have been making great use of these vegetables. I just made a mash with 1/2 potatoes and 1/2 celeriac. It was fanstastic. I don't have a recipe, but I sauteed the celeriac in butter until it just started to brown and then added water and simmered until soft. I added that to boiled potatoes... read more »