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Farm Happening for February 20, 2019: Week 6 of 10!

Posted on February 14th, 2019 by Robinette Farms

This week we are bracing for another round of snow and cold weather; this winter just won't quit.

Because of the lack of sun, you'll notice that we didn't offer any spinach, salad mix, or cilantro in the share this week. We didn't want to get stuck in the position of offering greens, but then have it be too cold in the tunnels for us to harvest.

And get this: the sticking point isn't necessarily the cold temperatures but the cloud cover that makes it so we can't harvest! If it's sunny and cold, our tunnels will be a cozy 50-70 degrees inside! But if it's cold and cloudy we are only gaining a couple degrees in temperature and a break from the wind inside the that means no greens next week.

This week we are finally starting to tackle our first seed orders of the season and also figuring out where everything will get planted in the field. Last week we had 2 new full-time, year-round employees join us and our productivity is about to get real!

Also on our current list of projects is a deep clean in the greenhouse and moving tables around for a better flow. Next week we will start our first seeds for the field...crazy!

T-minus 33 days until spring! (But guess, what....t-minus 46 days until the first Spring CSA pick up....more on that next week!)

See you Wednesday,
Farmer Chloe