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Farm Happenings for February 13, 2019: Halfway through Winter CSA!

Posted on February 7th, 2019 by Robinette Farms

Can you believe we are at the halfway point for the Winter CSA? Thank you all for joining us on this cold adventure!

I came across a hashtag that another farmer I follow on Instagram was using: #normalizelocalfood  I found this hashtag interesting and while there is not much going on with that hashtag, I realized I had never really thought about normalizing local food.

Is there a stigma around local food?

Is there so little of it available in our area that it just doesn't have an impact?

Is eating local food something that most people don't think about?

As we begin to see our climate become more unpredictable, I think it is probably in our best interest to work together to feed our communities.

This is what my Instagram farmer friend had to say:

"If we all do our part towards the goal of changing the food system to one that is resilient, regenerative, and synergistic; with shared community values driving decisions instead of corporate profits, within our social and geographical reach and know that all of our worldwide partners are doing the same in their communities we can truly transform the food system. There are almost 8 billion people in the world and every one of us has the same fundamental being the most ubiquitous and community building one that we all share."

Something to chew on...along with your salads this week!

Thanks for doing your part to share in our food system,
Farmer Chloe