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Farm Happening for February 27, 2019: Week 7 of 10!

Posted on February 22nd, 2019 by Robinette Farms

FYI, we have a brand new summer pick up location at the UNL City Campus Union! If you would like to switch from your current summer pick up location to UNL, just send me an email and I'll get you switched over!

Registration for SPRING CSA opens to the public March 1st!

I am giving current Winter CSA Members (YOU) first choice on signing up for the Spring CSA!

Once again spots are limited!

I will open the Spring Shares on Thursday afternoon at 4pm for current Winter Members, so if you want first choice, be sure to sign up that evening!

On Friday morning I will announce Spring CSA to the public and all past CSA Members.

It's National CSA Day today! (Friday the 22nd) The last Friday in February is the most popular day for folks to sign up for a CSA, which is why we celebrate it today! People all across the nation are sharing their love for CSA and joining in a movement to eat healthy, support their local economy, and know the farmers that grow their food!

Since the first CSA farms started in the United States at two farms in Massachusetts in 1986, this model has been wildly successful with many thousands of CSA farms in the United States, Canada, and spreading to the rest of the world.

CSA is a vital piece of the local food economy because it allows small and medium scale farmers to compete against the traditional food system by guaranteeing a market for their crops.

CSA  is good for consumers too because it is the best way to form a relationship with a local farm and get the freshest, healthiest, and tastiest food into the kitchen.

Whether you care about the viability of local farms, land use, environmental issues like the long distance that food travels in the traditional food system, or you just want to eat well...we thank you for being a part of Robinette Farms CSA!

We wouldn't be here without support from our amazing community -- YOU!

Farmer Chloe