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Our Local Food Subscription is your source for fresh, local food year round! We partner with many other local farmers and artisans to bring you produce and local food items to your table each week. From veggies to bread, milk, pantry staples, meat, and cheese, our Local Food Subscription is your one-stop shop for locally grown and produced groceries!

Online Farm Stand: June 15-16, 2023

Posted on June 9th 2023 by Robinette Farms

THE SHOPPING WINDOW IS OPEN UNTIL SUNDAY AT 11 PM. salad turnips head lettuce green onions mixed flower bouquets kale cured meats from la quercia seasoned salts  bloody mary mix hot sauce potted vegetable and herb transplants fresh organic herbs butter yogurt kefir hummus, guacamole, fresh salsa potatoes winter squash salad mix arugula spicy1 read more »

Swiss Chard
Red Beet
Green Kale
Organic Mini Romaine Lettuce
Bok Choy
White Potato
Sweet Potato
Yellow Onion
Pie Pumpkin Winter Squash
Organic Broccoli Micro Greens
Orange Carrots
Organic Red Radish
Organic Salad Mix
Peppers, Sweet
Green Tomatoes
Organic Spinach
Organic Cilantro, Fresh
Napa Cabbage
Braising Mix
Organic Pea Shoots
Organic Sunflower Shoots
Organic Arugula
Spicy Micro Greens
Pastured Whole Chicken
Pasture-Raised Chicken Eggs
Basil, Fresh
Green Beans
Organic Dill, Fresh
Broccoli Raab
Rosa Bianca Eggplant
Organic Garlic Scapes
Organic Parsley, Fresh
Peas, Sugar Snap
Peas, Snow
Mixed Hot Peppers
Organic Micro Salad Mix
Spaghetti Winter Squash
Baby Summer Squash
Roma Tomato
Cherry Tomatoes
Purple Top Turnip
Dry Beans
Sweet Corn - Dozen
"Saratoga" Whole Bean Coffee
Cheddar Loaf
Manon Camembert (Goat's Milk)
Immune Support Herbal Tea
Broccoli Leaves
Salad Turnips
Organic Braising Greens
Organic Spicy Salad Greens
Asian Pears
Watermelon Radish
Daikon Radish
Raw Honey
Pecan Halves
Whole Seed and Nut Crackers
Black King Oyster Mushrooms
Organic Rosemary, Fresh
Organic Chives, Fresh
Organic Mint, Fresh
White Sauerkraut
Organic Winter Thyme, Fresh
Red Salsa, Mild
Organic Edible Flowers
Organic Red Veined Sorrel
Organic Sage, Fresh
Clean Juice - Sweet Green
Cold Pressed Juice
Sunflower Oil
NY Cheddar Nuggets
Edamame Beans
Butternut Winter Squash-JUMBO
Maple Syrup
Acorn Winter Squash
Sunshine Kabocha Winter Squash
Delicata Winter Squash
Citrus Chicken Salad
Brussels Sprouts
Horseradish Sauce
Rosemary White Bean Dip
Chocolate Almond Protein Bites
Mixed Berry Jam
Stone Ground Mustard
Cheddar Cheese Bread
Farm Fresh Whole Milk
Purple Carrots
Farm Fresh Heavy Cream
Salsa Verde, Mild
Hot Pink Sauerkraut
Clean Juice - Orange
Clean Juice - Yellow
Clean Juice - Red
Vanilla Walnut Protein Bites
Organic Long Grain Brown Rice
Organic Cane Sugar
Regenerative Corn Meal
Rolled Oats
Organic Yellow Popcorn
Organic Quinoa
Spicy Lentil Stew
Allergy Support Herbal Tea
Clearly Thinking Herbal Tea
Delicate Detox Herbal Tea
Headache Support Herbal Tea
Mellow Your Mood Herbal Tea
Nerve Nutrition Herbal Tea
Sleep Support Herbal Tea
Fire Cider
Sinus Sauce
Elderberry Shrub
Elderberry Syrup
Horehound Lozenges
Organic French Green Lentil
Organic Black Beluga Lentil
Organic Anasazi Bean
Organic Christmas Lima Bean
Organic Garbanzo Bean
Organic Wild Rice
Angel Hair Pasta
Fettuccine Pasta
Pappardelle Pasta
Red Pepper Fettuccine
Spinach Fettuccine Pasta
Organic Arugula Micro Greens
Organic Daikon Radish Micro Greens
Organic Mild Mix Micro Greens
Red Onion
Red Norland Potato
Sweet Dumpling Winter Squash
Dolle Mina Gouda
Plain Kwark (Goat's Milk)
Honey Lemon Kwark
Rosa Maria
Calypso Feta in Brine
Plain Goat Yogurt
"Black Label" Whole Bean Coffee
"Cultiva Decaf" Whole Bean Coffee
Cultiva Cold Brew
Herbed Croutons
Black Bean Dip
Organic Veracruzano Black Beans
NY Cheddar
Shredded Whole Milk Mozzarella
Duck Eggs
Organic Oregano, Fresh
Organic French Tarragon, Fresh
Organic Lemon Thyme, Fresh
Organic Spearmint, Fresh
Organic Red Kale Micro Greens
Organic Spicy Mix Micro Greens
Plain Yogurt (Cow's Milk)
Graydon Blue
Cottage Cheese
"Gayo Triple Pick" Whole Bean Coffee
Breakfast Burritos
Ogallala Tomme
Green Kabocha Winter Squash
Organic Rye Flour
Organic Spelt Flour
Organic Kamut Flour
Organic White Wheat Flour
Organic Chia Seeds
Blue Hubbard Winter Squash
Mulitgrain Buns
Monster Cookie Dough Balls
Butternut Winter Squash - SMALL
Sunflower Oil, 32 oz
Organic Rolled Oats, 2.5 lb bag
Sunflower Oil, 32 oz
Maple Kwark (Cow's Milk)
NY Cheddar Block
Maple Kwark (Cow's Milk)
Organic Rolled Oats, 1 lb bag
Plain Kwark (Cow's Milk)
Plain Kwark (Cow's Milk)
Go To Spice (3 oz)
Pickling Spice (2.5 oz)
Jim's Chipotle Garlic Pepper (4 oz)
Lemon Pepper (3.5 oz)
African Bird Pepper (2 oz)
Basil, Sweet Leaf (.75 oz)
Caraway Seed Whole (2.25 oz)
Dark Chile Pepper Powder (2.5 oz)
Fennel Seed, Whole (2.5 oz)
Garlic, Granulated (3 oz)
Roasted Cocoa Nibs (8 oz)
Flourless Chocolate Brownie Mix
Columbian Sierra Nevada 70% Dark Chocolate Bar (2.5 oz)
Guatemalan Cahabon 70% Cacao Dark Chocolate Bar (2.5 oz)
Rustic Cocoa Powder for Baking (8 oz)
Zesty Cucumber Slices
Cheddar Curds, Plain (8 oz)
Plain Goat Chevre Container
Herbed Goat Chevre Container
Camembert, Goat's Milk
Camembert, Cow's Milk
Breakfast Burritos - sausage, egg, & cheese
Cheddar Curds, Garlic Dill (8 oz)
Breakfast Burritos - Egg & Cheese
Cheddar Curds, Garlic & Chive (8 oz)
Breakfast Burritos - Egg & Cheese
Cheddar Curds, Garlic & Chive (8 oz)
Breakfast Burritos - egg, potato, & cheese
Corn Chowder
Red Potato
White Potato
Tasty Good Toffee + Colombian Sierra Nevada Dark Chocolate Bar
Organic Sweet Purple Basil, Fresh
Organic Sweet Green Basil, Fresh
Breakfast Burritos - Egg, bean, spinach, pepper jack cheese
Wheat Sourdough
Chocolate Chip Cookie Dough Balls
Mushroom Barley Stew
Parmesan Crusted Chicken over Wild Rice
Michael's Popcorn
White Sourdough
Kalamata Olive-Rosemary Sourdough
Rustic Sourdough
Organic Pet Grass (Wheatgrass)
Organic Apple Mint, Fresh
Organic Garlic (3 pack, small)
Organic Chocolate Mint, Fresh
Habanero Hot Sauce
Serrano Hot Sauce
Zesty Cucumber Spears
Pickled Jalapenos
Natalie in Gray
Chicken Salad with Figs and Pistachios
Breakfast Burritos - bean, egg, & cheese
Baby Red Russian Kale (3/4 lb)
"Sito Baixadao" Whole Bean Coffee
18 Spice Chicken Rub (3 oz)
Ancho Pepper Powder (2.5 oz)
Bay Leaf Whole (.25 oz)
Cayenne Pepper Powder (2.5 oz)
Cinnamon Vietnamese Ground (2 oz)
Cumin Ground (2.5 oz)
Ginger Powder (2 oz)
Italian Herb Blend (.75 oz)
Nutmeg Ground (2.5 oz)
Onion, Granulated (3 oz)
Oregano Mediterranean Leaf (.75 oz)
Paprika, Sweet Hungarian (3 oz)
Taco Seasoning (2.5 oz)
Turmeric (3 oz)
Vanilla Extract, Original (2 fl oz)
"Zalmari Estate" Whole Bean Coffee
"Guji Uraga" Whole Bean Coffee
Elephant Garlic
French Breakfast Radish
Baby Kale Mix (1/4 lb)
Spinach (1 lb)
Spinach (1/4 lb)
Garlic Salt
Organic Thai Basil, Fresh
Organic Green & Purple Basil Mix, Fresh
Organic Cilantro, Fresh Bunch
Organic Silver Leaf Thyme, Fresh
Organic Tri-Color Sage, Fresh
Salad Mix, 1/2 lb, Bright Hope
Dominican Öko Caribe 70% Cacao Dark Chocolate Bar, 2.5oz
Spinach, 1/2 lb
Spinach, 1/2 lb, Robinette
Red Radish, Pekarek's
Black Stone Fruit Kombucha
Wild Berry Kombucha
Hopped Up Green Kombucha
Ginger Fruit Kombucha
Donate Produce To Your Community
Organic Green Garlic
Organic Red Radish, (1 lb)
Organic Red Radish, (1 lb)
Balsamic Salad Dressing (8 oz)
Cabernet Sauvignon Red Wine Vinegar (375 ml)
White Wine Vinegar (375 ml)
Apple Cider Vinegar (100 ml)
House Blend Extra Virgin Olive Oil (375 ml)
Lambrusco Red Wine Vinegar (100 ml)
Walnut Champagne Vinegar (100 ml)
Fresh Herb Fettuccine
Sun Dried Tomato Fettuccine Pasta
B & R Farms Heirloom Blenheim Apricot + PISA Haiti Dark Chocolate Bar
Fiddyment Farms Pistachio Blend Haitian PISA Dark Chocolate Bar
Cointreau Candied Corky's Nuts Walnuts + Dominican Öko Caribe Dark Chocolate Bar
Local Kimmel Orchard Tart Cherry Dominican Öko Caribe Dark Chocolate Bar
Lemon Curd (8 oz)
Blue Cheese Loaf
Chocolate Protein Bites
Breakfast Burritos - bacon, egg, & cheese
Blue Oyster Mushrooms
Cheddar Curds, Spicy Red Pepper (8 oz)
Maple Pecan Chicken Salad
Organic Red Butter Head Lettuce
Organic White Proso Millet
Local Twin Springs Pecans + Loup River Distilling Nebraska Straight Bourbon Whiskey-soaked Nibs Gianduja Bites (2.5 oz)
Toasted Coconut Crunchies (3 oz)
Salad Mix, 1/2 lb, Shadow Brook Farm
Belle Sabine
Green Romaine Head Lettuce
Honey Lemon Goat Chevre
Honey Lemon Goat Chevre
Organic Green Iceberg Head Lettuce
Organic Green Butter Lettuce
Traditional Dark Balsamic Vinaigrette (100 ml)
Grapeseed Oil (375 ml)
Cranberry Pear White Balsamic Vinaigrette (100 ml)
House Blend Extra Virgin Olive Oil (100 ml)
Grapeseed Oil (100 ml)
Strawberry Dark Balsamic Vinaigrette (100 ml)
Toasted Sesame Oil (100 ml)
Honey Ginger White Balsamic Vinaigrette (100 ml)
Herbes de Provence Extra Virgin Olive Oil (100 ml)
Italian Herb Blend Dark Balsamic Vinaigrette (100 ml)
Curry Meatballs
Alfredo Sauce (32 oz)
Marinara Sauce (32 oz)
Romesco Sauce (16 oz)
Cucumbers, Burpless
Green Butter Head Lettuce
Cranberry Walnut Chevre
Gouda with Cumin Seeds (Cow's Milk)
Gouda (Cow's Milk)
Sugar Snap Peas
Shallot Scapes
Elephant Garlic Scapes
Spinach (3/4 lb)
Salt Creek Jack Cheese
Mild Cheddar Cheese
Pimento Cheese Spread
Pickled Red Onion
Organic Red Leaf Lettuce
Organic Green Leaf Lettuce
Bok Choy
Sugar Snap Peas - purple and green
Sugar Snap Peas - purple and green
Organic Dill, Fresh
Haitian PISA 70% Dark Chocolate Bar
Milk Chocolate
Mixed Local Flower Bouquet
Red Butter Head Lettuce
Green Kale
Napa Cabbage
Plain Cow Yogurt
Acai Berry Dark Balsamic Vinaigrette (100 ml)
Organic Green Romaine Head Lettuce
Green Kale
Green Onions
English Cucumber
Organic Pineapple Mint, Fresh
Ricotta Cheese (Goat's Milk)
Yellow Summer Squash
Red Potato
Patty Pan Squash
Baby Leeks
Chocolate Custard
Sweet Red Pepper Fettucine Pasta
Jalapeno Peppers
Green Bell Pepper
Shishito Peppers
Banana Peppers
Small Mixed Summer Squash
Mini Cantaloupe
Yukon Gold Potato
Yellow Bell Pepper
Purple Bell Pepper
White Bell Pepper
Heirloom Tomato
Pink Cherry Tomato
Roma Tomatoes
Golden Beets
Savoy Cabbage
Bell Pepper, Mixed Color
Large Heirloom Watermelon
Seedless Watermelon, Small
Organic Garlic
White Carrots
Roma Canning Tomatoes, 18 lb box
Heirloom/Red Tomato Mix
Parmesan Chicken Salad Topper Bites
Sweet Carmen/Escamillo Pepper Mix
"Cafe con Amor" Whole Bean Coffee
Yellow Onion
White Onion
Sweet Candy Onion
Canning Tomatoes, 10 lb box
Waldorf Chicken Salad
Buttercup Winter Squash
Red Bell Pepper
Organic Favorite Five™ Cereal
Honeycrisp Apple
Ozark Gold Apple
Sweet Colorful Pepper Mix
Lacinato Kale
Poblano Peppers
Mixed Color Sweet Potato
Jonathan Apple
Fuji Apple
Empire Apple
Multigrain Pan Loaf
Habanada Pepper
Cottonwood Creek Camembert
Braeburn Apple
Adirondack Blue Potato
Decorative Mini Pumpkins and Gourds
Blueberry Yogurt
Raspberry Yogurt
Vanilla Yogurt
"Ceremony" Whole Bean Coffee
"Fazenda Coqueiro" Whole Bean Coffee
"El Camino Real" Whole Bean Coffee
Strawberry Yogurt
Allspice, Ground (1/2 cup)
Allspice, Whole (1/2 cup)
Apple Pie Spice (1/2 cup)
Cinnamon Sticks, 1 inch (1/2 cup)
Cinnamon Sticks, 4 inch (1/2 cup)
Pumpkin Pie Spice (1/2 cup)
Rosemary, Cut Leaf (1/2 cup)
Thyme, Leaf (1/2 cup)
Farm Fresh 2% Milk
Fresh Ground Crunchy Peanut Butter
Red, White, & Purple Potatoes
Brussels Sprouts
Ginger Spice Chevre
Lavender Honey Chevre
Granny Smith Apple
Lavender Kombucha
Mushroom Truffle Pasta
Lion's Mane Mushrooms
Shepherd's Pie
Jumbo Pumpkin Chocolate Chip Muffins
Brioche Pan Loaf
Black Bean Tortilla Soup
Beef Barley Stew
Apple Butter
Cinnamon Apple Jelly
Raspberry Jam
Cinnamon Peach Jam
Cherry Jelly
Broccoli Cheese Soup
Apple Cinnamon Scones
Walnut Sourdough
Spicy Carrot Bisque
Chicken Tikka Kebabs with Coconut Rice
Seafood Bisque
Minestrone Soup
Cranberry Marinated Chicken with Juniper Infused Brown Rice
Beef Fajitas
Chocolate Coconut Custard
"Fazenda Santa Maria" Whole Bean Coffee
"El Trebol" Whole Bean Coffee
"Finca Villeja" Whole Bean Coffee
"Ines De Medina" Whole Bean Coffee
"Kalosi" Whole Bean Coffee
"Mocha Java" Whole Bean Coffee
"Milano" Whole Bean Coffee
Plain Cow Kwark
Apple Cider
Red Salsa, Medium
Salsa Verde, Medium
Bloody Mary Mix
Dilly Beans
"Cupid's Arrow" Whole Bean Coffee
"Yirgacheffe Dumerso" Whole Bean Coffee
Baking Powder, 1/2 cup
Baking Soda, 1/2 cup
Barbacoa Spice, 1/2 cup
BBQ Seasoning, 1/2 cup
Bloody Mary Salt, 1/2 cup
Bouquet Garni, 1/2 cup
Brisket Rub, 1/2 cup
Cajun Seasoning, 1/2 cup
Celery Seed, 1/2 cup
Corn Starch, 1/2 cup
Cream of Tartar, 1/2 cup
Fajita Seasoning, 1/2 cup
Horseradish Powder, 1/2 cup
Peppercorns, Black, Whole, 1/2 cup
Poppy Seeds, 1/2 cup
Red Pepper, Crushed, 1/2 cup
Sea Salt, Salt Mill Grind Coarse, Net Wt 5.5 oz
Sesame Seeds, Black, 1/2 cup
Sun Dried Tomatoes, 1/2 cup
King Oyster Mushroom
Sprouted Quinoa Sourdough
Hungarian Mushroom Soup
Twin Springs Pecan Milk Chocolate Bar
Fingerling Potatoes
Purple Potatoes
Candied Pecans
Cajun Spiced Pecans
Citrus Chicken and Wild Rice Soup
Garlic & Lime Bean Dip
Golden Spice Tea
Hibiscus Ginger Elixer
Sweet Matcha
Jumbo Yogurt Muffins
Jumbo Toffee Streusel Yogurt Muffins
Apricot Jam
Strawberry Jam
Blackberry Jam
Peach Jam
Wild Blueberry Jam
Asiago Garlic Bread
Chocolate Chip Cheesecake Bars
Jalapeno Pepperjack Cheese Loaf
Garlic & Dutch Girl Blue Cheese Dip
Rye Sandwich Loaf
Hand Tossed Pizza Crusts
Roasted Red Pepper Hummus
Spicy Black Bean Hummus
Craveable Curry Hummus
Sriracha Lime Hummus
Fresh Salsa - MILD
Fresh Salsa - MEDIUM
Fresh Salsa - HOT
Blood Orange Ginger Shrub
Cider Mustard
Clementine Thyme Marmalade
Heirloom Tomato Bruschetta
Pickled Red Onion
Rosemary Fig Spread
Strawberry Mint Shrub
Organic Baby Red Russian Kale
Chocolate Espresso Granola
Naturally Almond Granola
Cranberry Pecan Granola
Beef Jerky
Beef and Pork Sticks
"Yirgacheffe Kochere" Whole Bean Coffee
Meyer Lemon Lavender Shrub
Pickled Radishes
Vanilla Bourbon Peach Preserves
7-Pepper Jelly
Balsamic Vinaigrette
Maple Ginger Vinaigrette
Lemon Garlic Vinaigrette
Cilantro Potted Plant
Dill Potted Plant
Chive Potted Plant
Sage Potted Plant
Oregano Potted Plant
Rosemary Potted Plant
Oatmeal Rum Raisin Cookie Dough
Watermelon Habanero Shrub
Smoked Spiced Pear Shrub
Cucumber Dilly Pickles
Radishes, Mixed Colors
Gluten Free Chocolate Waffles
Hatch Pepper Fettuccine
Dill Chevre
Basil Potted Plant
Groovy Garlic Hummus
Organic White Popcorn
Sugar Snap Peas
Shiitake Barley Soup
Huntress Tea: Earl Grey Adrenal Tonic
Stag King Tea: Bold Breakfast Black
Einstein Tea: Brain Tonic
Leo: Hibiscus Blood Balancer
Tulsi & Turmeric Kombucha
Organic Mojito Mint, Fresh
Organic Rhubarb
Mediterranean Olive Fettuccine
Lemon Herb Fettuccine
Pickling Cucumbers
Broccoli - BULK 20 lb box!
Mixed Summer Squash
Spicy Pepper Mix
Black Raspberries
Shishito Peppers
English Cucumber
Salt & Pepper Cucumber
Summer Leeks
Swiss Chard
Sweet Corn - 1/2 dozen
Sweet Corn Fettuccine
Black Pepper Fettuccine
Yellow Potato
Feta Dip
Grape Striped Cherry Tomatoes
Small Watermelon
Anaheim Peppers
Lunchbox Peppers
Red Long of Tropea Onion
Straw & Hay Fettuccine
"Yirgacheffe Gedeo" Whole Bean Coffee
Comb Honey
Ambercup Winter Squash
Jack O'Lantern Carving Pumpkin
Guava Jelly
Purple Sweet Potato
Butterkin Winter Squash
Sweet Potato Date Pecan Loaf
"El Condor" Whole Bean Coffee
"Fazenda Canaan" Whole Bean Coffee
Daikon Radish
Black Spanish Radish
Beer Bread
Purple Gold Potato
Organic Raisins
White Sweet Potato
Remedium: Immune Tonic
Lady Monarch: Botanical Earl Grey
Hygge: Pumpkin Pie Black
Salad Enhancer
Apple Cider Vinaigrette
Zesty Italian Vinaigrette
Red Wine Cranberry Sauce
Pumpkin Butter
Candied Jalapenos
Pumpkin Fettuccine
"Finca Santa Isabel" Whole Bean Coffee
Stuffing Bread
Jalapeno Salt
Dried Dill
Evergreen Wreath
Evergreen Wreath - case of 6 wreaths
Evergreen Wreath - case of 12 wreaths
French Breakfast Radishes
Dried Coriander
Russet Potatoes
Frost: Winter Chai
Emerald: Rare Maofeng Green
Nocturne: Sleep Potion
Gretel: Marzipan & Rose Black
Maple Lassi (drinkable yogurt)
Free Range Brown Chicken Eggs
Dried Flower Ornaments
Organic Sweet Cream Buttermilk
Organic Kefir, Whole Milk Plain
Organic Kefir, Whole Milk Vanilla
Organic Butter, Lightly Salted
Organic Butter, Unsalted
Organic Whole Milk Cottage Cheese
Organic Yogurt, Whole Milk, Plain
Organic Yogurt, Whole Milk, Vanilla
Aronia Berry Lassi (drinkable yogurt)
Organic Half and Half
Organic Sour Cream
Phoenix: Recovery Tonic
Byzantium: Exotic Breakfast Blend
Ricotta Cheese (Cow's Milk)
Banana Peppers
"Blue Orchid" Whole Bean Coffee
Raisin Honey Cinnamon Brioche
Atlantic Kimchi
Garlic Pickle Chunks
Jalapeno En Escabeche
Beet Relish
Minthe: Essential Vanilla Mint
Red Onion Seasoning Salt
Rosemary Herb Salt
Italian Basil Herb Salt
Jalapeno Pepper Salt
Irish Soda Bread
Take and Bake Spinach Artichoke Bread Bowl
Everything Chili Crunch
Raspberry Chipotle Jam
Organic Green Lentils
Rose Lassi (drinkable yogurt)
Prosciutto Americano
Spicy Pepperoni
Salami Americano: Garlic & Crushed Black Pepper
Catnip Potted Plant
Parsley Potted Plant
Broccoli Transplant, single plant
Cauliflower Transplant, single plant
Red & Green Kale Transplants, 6 pack
Lettuce Transplants, 6 pack
Kohlrabi Transplants, 6 pack
Broccoli Transplants, 6 pack
Cauliflower Transplants, 6 pack
Cabbage Transplants, 6 pack
Tomato Transplant, Red Slicer, single plant
Tomato Transplant, Red Cherry, single plant
Tomato Transplant, Roma, single plant
Agni Chai: Turmeric Ayurvedic Chai
Circe: Aphrodisiac Potion
Cicada: Green Mint Longevity Blend
Purple Round Radishes
Green Garlic
Red Kale Transplant, single plant
Green Kale Transplant, single plant
Spring Onions
Shiitake Mushrooms (log grown)
Mint Potted Plant
Green Bell Pepper, single plant
Yellow Bell Pepper, single plant
Jalapeno Pepper, single plant
Eggplant, single plant
Black Framboise Kombucha
Plain Goat Chevre Pyramid
Mixed Snapdragon Flower Bouquets
Fresh Dill Fettuccine
Fresh Beet Fettuccine
Lemon Fettuccine
Principe Borghese Small Roma Tomato Transplant
Yellow Pear Cherry Tomato Transplant
Pomodor Squisito San Marzano Paste Tomato Transplant
Head Lettuce (small)
Red Potatoes
Cabbage, single transplant
Apple Pecan Sourdough
Organic Romaine Lettuce
Organic Butterhead Lettuce
Organic Green Onions
Red Kale
Mixed Flower Bouquet
Organic Lacinato Kale
Organic Green Curly Kale
Organic Scarlet Curly Kale
White Salad Turnip