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Farm Happening Week 17

Posted on September 27th, 2022 by Anna Bunk

Hello Farmshare Members,

As the days are getting cooler, we are starting to see the change of season in the field and on our harvest lists. Last week marked the last of the zucchini and cucumber harvest. While I, for one, will definitely miss having cucumber slices with every lunch, there is also lots to look forward to in the autumn harvest! In particular we are looking forward to winter squash. With our short, mild summers we like to give the winter squash as much time as possible to dry down and finish in the field. So they are not quite ready. But we are keeping an eye on them, and hope to have some in the boxes in a couple weeks. Cabbage is another fall favorite. Our Harvest manager Beth Ann is pictured here with mounds of savoy cabbage from last weeks harvest.

In other news, carrots are back this week! We just started digging our fall planting of carrots and should have them in the upcoming boxes as well. There may also be cauliflower and broccoli in your boxes along with some beautiful collard greens. If you're a meat eater you might try collard green southern style cooked with pork or for a vegetarian option, collard are wonderful sautaeed with onions and tomato. 



The River Run Farm Team