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Farm Happening Week 18

Posted on October 4th, 2022 by Anna Bunk

Hello Farmshare members,

It's potato time! Last week we hooked the potato digger up to the tractor and headed to the field. The potato digger lifts the potatoes from the soil and rolls them gently on to the surface. After that, we pick them up by hand, pack them in net bags and pack the bags in bins for storage though the winter. We're big potato fans here at River Run Farm, and there are always many rows to harvest and a lots of varieties to keep track of.

In addition to harvesting potatoes, it's been a big week for compost. Charlie has been busy mixing and turning new piles while Manuel has been spreading finished compost in the field. It feels good to see all that rich organic matter being added to the soil!

In this weeks box you'll find Yukon Gold yellow potatoes. This firm fleshed potato has a rich flavor and is delicious pretty much any way you prepare them. And as the days get cooler, a hearty potato dish is sounding just right! It might be a good week for a roast veggie medley, potatoes and fennel perhaps or beets and carrots? You'll also find Cilantro in your box this week, perfect for a Mediterranean salsa verde to top off those roast veggies.



The River Run Farm Team