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Farm Happening Week 16

Posted on September 20th, 2022 by Anna Bunk

Hello Farmshare members,

We're looking forward to another great week of picking and eating vegetables! Among the many tasty veggies in this week's box, you may find Savoy Cabbage. Savoy cabbages have crinkly, lacy looking leaves. These mild, tender cabbages can be subbed for green cabbage in any slaw or salad and they are especially good cooked- stir fried, braised or roasted. Savoy are favorite cabbage for many French and Italian recipes. You might look up a recipe and try something new this week!

In other happenings on the farm, Amelia is back to direct seeding our cut greens, radishes and turnips. We grow these in the spring and fall and then take a break for the summer months. Amelia is pictured here with the trusty Jang push seeder and a backpack full of seeds. You can look forward to seeing these again in the next couple weeks. We will also have potatoes again soon! We have been checking them in the field and waiting for the skins to cure. They are almost ready to be packed into harvest bins and your boxes! In the meantime, we have collards, cauliflower, cucumbers and much more to fill your boxes and plates.


The River Run Team