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Farm Happenings (Final DELIVERY SUMMER for 2021)

Posted on October 7th, 2021 by Diane Riehm


Sweet potatoes are the ultimate veggie as they are easy to cook and full of health benefits

Ever wonder what your farmers goes through to get you these heart-healthy veggies to you all winter long? 

After we harvest our sweet potatoes, they go through a curing process of high temperatures and high humidity in a special room at the farm. 

After about two weeks, we drop the temperatures down to change the starches to sugars to add to their already amazing flavors. 

video 0:48

Want a great side to serve with dinner tonight? 

Sweet Potato Fries are the perfect mix of crunchy and sweet.  

As our society is working on becoming more health-conscious and paying more attention to what we put in our body, we often stumble upon information that we think is good. 

Most commonly known for his work on changing policies for the betterment of public health, Dr. Mark Hyman says, "I encourage you all to beware when someone tells you there is no research to back up the use of food or nutrients as the primary mode of treatment of disease and prevention of chronic illness. The evidence is overwhelming — just ignored."  

One of the ways we feel great about what we put into our bodies, is knowing where your food comes from

Our add-on coffee share this week comes from Bailiwicks in downtown Tiffin and will feature Kenya AA coffee.  

This sweet and dark roast has a wine-like body with notes of cherry and dark chocolate.  

Do you like to change up your coffee flavors often? 


Our new CSA Fall/Winter Market Boxes allow for two (2) choices of coffee for each delivery.  Choose a light/medium, dark roast or a flavored coffee if you like the added tastes. Or if you want whole bean let us know in advance. 

Each delivery YOU CAN DECIDE if you want coffee added to your box as they are completely customizable.  


Join us at the farm for our Barnyard Fun and Corn Maze Weekends!

With over 20+ activities to do, there's something for everyone!

Open Saturdays (12-7pm) and Sundays (12-6pm) until October 31.

Grab some food at the concession stand and pick up pumpkins and other goodies from the Roadside Stand on your way out.

Get Ready!



Planning on having some friends or family join you for Thanksgiving dinner

Take the stress out of grocery shopping by ordering our stand-alone Thanksgiving packages. 

What's great is... 

You and your friends don't have to be a current Fall/Winter member to enjoy this one-time delivery perk! 

Choose a Whole Turkey, Holiday Favorite Package or the Thanksgiving Veggie Package. 

WATCH your emails for more information to come soon!! 


Summer 2022 Auto-renewal is October 19! 

With a payment of ONLY ONE BOX, we'll hold your spot for the 2022 Summer Season. 

Make sure your auto renew button is on "NOW" to receive the informational emails. 

Sending emails "THIS" WEEK!! 

Farmer Phil, John & Diane Riehm      
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