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About us

We are a sustainable farm using healthy growing practices with pick-up locations on our farm and several other sites. Rather than trust the unknown, our intention is for you to know Who Grew Your Food!
Riehm's is Where Food & Fun Begins!

Our farm sells what’s in season and fresh from the field. A large selection of vegetables and fruits. Riehm’s own frozen beef. In addition, other items provided through partnerships with local vendors.

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We’ll be happy to put your weekly veggie box on hold when you drop us a note. Tell us your preference. Tell us to DONATE your share. Have a friend pick up your share. Tell us you want to PICK up your CSA on a different day & location.

Farm Happenings (#3 DELIVERY SUMMER out of 20)

Posted on June 8th 2023 by Diane Riehm

Farm Happenings  Farmers are always working long hours and coming up with innovative ideas.  We decided to make it a long night since there is less shock on strawberries plants when we transplant them into the ground on a cool evening.  The workers even worked with their head lights on after dark. Be sure to glimpse at the home1 read more »

Tomato Standard 2#
Squash, Summer
Broccoli Purple or Green
Spring Radish (French Breakfast)
Cucumbers may have some scaring
Lettuce Loose Leaf
Peas, Sugar Snap 1/2#
Bok Choy whole head or loose leaf
Lacinato Kale
Sweet Corn 4 ears
Mix Beans 1/2#
Beets with TOPS
Jalapeno Peppers, Hot
Half Bushel Sweet Mix Peppers
RED round Potatoes 4#
Brussel Sprouts
Squash, Winter
Collard Greens
Cauliflower medium head
Pie Pumpkin
Green Tomatillos
Spinach 1/2#h
Sweet Potatoes 3-4#
Squash Blossoms 5 count
Broccoli Leaves
Pea Shoots
Braising Greens
Peas, Snow 1/2#
Garlic Scapes
Maple Syrup
Napa Cabbage Loose Leaf
Tomatoes, Cherry(last week)
Heirloom Tomatoes 2#
Mix Lunch box Pepper
Fall Radish 2#
Turnip 2#
Brussel Sprout Leaf Cup(Last week)
Kalette Tops (last week)
Potatoes Fingerlings 2#
Paste Tomatoes
Pineapple Tomatillo
Cucuamelons 1/4 pint
Garlic B grade some green and sprouting
Mix Mustard Greens
Celery thin stalks
Green Tomato
Orange Long Sweet Peppers 1.5#
Leaves of Sweet potato use them like spinach
Kaleidoscope Mix Micro Greens in a pot
Pea Shoots Micro Greens
Savoy Mix Cabbage
Brussel Sprout Leaf Cups
Micro Celery Top in a pot
Micro Sorrel in a pot
Bell Peppers 2 count
Peppers, Jalapeño
Beets 2# NO tops
Poblano Peppers
Serrano Peppers
Bannana HOT Pepper
Cone Cabbage
RED Cabbage
Butternut Squash
Tan color Squash, Acorn
Red Kuri Squash
Spaghetti squash
Delicata squash
Carnival Winter squash
Fuji and/or Cameo Eshleman Apples 1/2 Peck
Carrots Med./Large size 2#
Bailiwicks House Blend Coffee 8oz
4# Potatoes Fingerling
Oatmeal Maple Artisan Bread Loaf Bella Cuisine B
SALE Blue potatoes mix sizes 5#
Honey 2# Local
Feta GOAT cheese
FRESH Maple Syrup
Gouda Goat cheese 8oz
Apple Butter NO sugar with Cinnamon
Onion Dill GOAT cheese 80z
Red Raspberry Jam Cooper Mills
Blueberry Jam Cooper Mills
Beef Package #1
Beef 3.3# hamburger package
Pork package #1
Pork package #2
Elderberry Jelly Cooper Mills Bucyrus
Pork Spare Ribs 5# total
Pork Ham Hocks package 4#
Beef Blade Roast package 8.13#
WAGY Cross Hamburger 1.1#
WAGYU Cross Beef Filet Mignon steak 1.27#
WAGYU Cross Beef NY strip steaks 3.14#
Beef Blade Roast package 6.96#
WAGYU Cross Beef rolled roast 7.29#
Sirloin steak package 6.32#
Sirloin stake package 5.03#
Island Hopper 16oz Catawba Island Juice
Refresh 16oz Catawba juice
Kalettes side shoots
Ham Riehm 5.99#
Rosemary Boule Artisan Bread Bella Cuisine
Vanilla Bean Artisan ice cream
Kale smaller loose leaf
Tomato Pesto curds cheese
Ham Riehm 5.26#
Misfit/ Large Carrots 3# carrots lower price
Blueberry Artisan ice cream
Garlic #2 quality half off price
Ham Riehm 5.41#
Cacao Artisan ice cream
Pork pack #2 mix sausage patties Riehm
Wagyu Cross Porterhouse Steak 1.07#
Waygu cross Porterhouse Steak 2.41#
Wagyu Cross Beef 5.5# Bulk Hamburger
Warrior 16oz Catawba Juice
Wagyu Cross Beef 1.2# Hamburger Patties
Kale Yeah 16oz Catawba Juice
Wagyu Cross Beef Short Ribs 2.41#
Wagyu Cross Beef T-Bone Steak 2.05#
Wagyu Cross Beef Short Ribs 1.85#
Wagyu Cross Beef T-Bone 1.04#
Wagyu Cross Beef Ribeye 1.42#
Wagyu Cross Beef Blade Roast 3.16#
Wagyu Cross Beef Ribeye Steak 1.2#
Coffee Kenya AA 8oz
Wagyu Cross Beef Ribeye Steak 1.28#
Wagyu Cross Beef Round Steak 2.49#
Pasture Raised Brown Eggs Deer Run Farms Fremont OH
Coffee Kenya AA 8oz Bailiwicks
Wagyu Cross Beef Round Steak 3.34#
Italian Sausage .95#
Maple Sausage .9-1#
Sausage Links 1.21-1.26#
Sage Sausage .83-.85#
EGGS Andersons Family Farm
Wagyu Cross Beef Bulk Hamburger 5.5#
Ham 4.10-4.20#
Round Steaks 3.27-3.34#
Hand Poured Lantern Candle (Strawberry Limosa)
Hand Poured Lantern Candle (Vanilla Berry)
Wagyu Cross Beef PATTIES hamburger 1.2#
Hand Poured Lantern Candle (Cinn.Bun)
3 Layer 8oz Wax Melts (Star Spangled)
3 Layer 8oz Wax Melts (Cinn.Bun)
3 Layer 8oz Wax Melts (Lavender)
Pastry Braid 8oz Peach/Rhubarb Bella Cuisine
Wagyu Round Steaks 3.27-3.34#
Congo Coffee 8oz Bailiwicks
3 Layer 8oz Wax Melts (Cucumber infusion)
Hand Poured Lantern Candle (Banana nut bread)
Sausage Links 1.11-1.19#
Hand Poured Lantern Candle (Star spangled)
Wagyu Round Steaks 3.4-3.6#
Lettuce 2 heads
3 Layer 8oz Wax Melts (Dream fields)
Ham 5.10-5.30#
Hand Poured Lantern Candle (Spiced apple cider)
Wagyu Round Steak 3.3-3.7#
3 Layer 8oz Wax Melts (Cranberry)
Cherry tomatoes
Waygu cross beef blade roast package 6.31#
Grape tomatoes
Grape tomatoes Whitehouse 3#Speciality crops
Spinach loose leaf 3/4 Pound
Lettuce mix loose leaf
Chevre (Plain) Goat cheese Turkey Foot Farm
Napa Cabbage mix loose leaf
Red tomatoes Whitehouse Specialty Crops 2#
Bailiwicks Congo Coffee 8oz
Curds (Plain) Goat cheese Turkey Foot Farm
Purple Asparagus
Purple Aspargus
Kettle Corn (Nana and Papa)
Onion Dill Goat cheese curds 8oz
Micro Mustard Green
Snow peas purple
Tomato Pesto Goat cheese curds 8oz
Carmel Goat Milk 9oz
Mix Kale 3 varieties
Bath Bomb Lavender Oat
Soap Goat Milk 3 bars and 1 Lip Balm
Granola 14oz "CHOCOLICIOUS"
Granola 14oz "Cinnayum" from neat stuff
Bath Bomb Lily of the valley
Carmel Goat Milk 9oz (Mexican Cajeta)
Granola 14oz (CHOCOLICIOUS) from neat stuff
Savoy cabbage loose leaf
Carmel Goat Milk 9oz (Sea Salt Cajeta)
Bath Bomb Orange Blossom
Soap Goat Milk (Citrus Chamomile)
Carmel Goat Milk 9oz (Sea Salt Cajeta)
Bath Bomb Lavender Oat
Soap Goat Milk 3 bars farmers choice
Sausage (Sage)
Pork Loin Chop 4 per pack 2.5-3.3#
Red Raspberry Jam Cooper Mills
Sausage (Maple) Bulk Patties
Ham 3-4#
Ham Hocks
Canadian Bacon
Bacon 1#
Basil Green
Baby leaf Green curly kale
Baby carrots 2#
Mix Beans Half #
Mix Beans Half Pound
* Sale Half Bushel Mix SQUASH #2 quality
*SALE Half Bushel Mix Cucumbers # 2 quality
Carrots regular size
Wagyu Cross Hamburger Patties 1.2#
Wagyu Cross T-Bone 2.05#
Pork Maple Sausage
Pork Sausage Bratwurst Links
Wagyu Cross Short Ribs
Beef Roast 2-2.5
Arm Roast 2.0-2.5#
Round Tip Roast
T-Bone Steak 1.7-2.0#
Porterhouse Steaks 2-2.5#
Ribeye Steak 1.15-1.35#
Sirloin Steak 2-2.7#
Beef Sticks Smokey
Hot Dogs Beef
Bologna Beef
Rib steak large ends
Spare Ribs
Rolled Roast
Wagyu Cross Ribeye Steak
Filet Mignon .55-.69#
Wagyu Cross Round Steak 2.7-3.4
Strip Steak 1-1.3#
Wagyu Cross Porterhouse Steak
Wagyu Cross Roast 3-3.4#
Wagyu Cross Sirloin Steak
Herb Pasta
Spinach Pasta
Original Pasta
Costa Rica Blend, 1/2#
Ethiopia Yirgacheffe, 1/2#
Colombia Supremo, 1/2#
Tanzania Peaberry, 1/2#
Tanzania Peaberry
Guatemala Antigua, 1/2#
Congo, 1/2#
Nicaragua, 1/2#
Kenya AA
Sumatra Mandheling, 1/2#
House Blend, 1/2#
Scottish Grogg, 1/2#
Pumpkin Pie Coffee, 1/2#
Peppermint Mocha
Sourdough Bread
Rosemary Mulltigrain
Oatmeal Maple
Cranberry Walnut
Frozen Turkey
Whole Chicken
Fresh Eggs
Ever Crisp Apples
Chocolicious Granola
cube Steak 1.5-2.0#
Brisket Beef 3.6-4.4#
Patty hamburger 5# Box
Cube Steak Beef
20# flat Heirloom tomatoes
Heirloom tomatoes 20# box special
Canning tomatoes half bushel
Box of Heirloom tomatoes 20#
5 doz. sweet corn for freezing
Fresh Beans Canning/Freeze
Spinach 1/4 #
Apples Good Eating 4#
Squash Blossoms 4 count
Medium Size Red T-Shirt Be Proud
Large Size Red T-Shirt Be Proud
XL Size Red T-Shirt Be Proud
Medium Size Gray T-Shirt Be Proud
Goat Cheese Chevre Package
Goat Cheese Chevre Package
32oz Maple Syrup Brundage Farms
XL Size Gray T-Shirt Be Proud
Large Size Gray T-Shirt Be Proud
Pumpkin Butter Cooper Mills
Black Raspberry Jam Cooper Mills
Strawberry Rhubarb Jam Cooper Mills
Apple butter no sugar with cinnamon Cooper Mills
2XL Size Gray T-Shirt Be Proud
2XL Size Red T-Shirt Be Proud
Local Honey 1#
Local Goat chevre Cheese
Canning Roma Tomatoes 20#
Bulk Cherry/Grape tomatoes 10#
Peaches Freezing/Canning Half bushel
Beef Ribs 1.5-2#
Pork Italian Sausage 1#
Pork Sage Sausage
Pasta Tomato Basil
Pasta Tomato Basil
Leaves of Sweet Potato
Baking Apples 1/2 Peck
Flat Head Cabbage Tendersweet
Mushroom Pasta
Campanelle Pasta
Butternut Squash & Sage Pasta
Chicken Breast
Chicken Dark Meat Package
Chicken Wing
Granola Pumpkin Spice
Peppers Mix Sweets
Carrot 2# With Tops
Sunflower Bread
Bread Sweet Potato (Seasonal)
SALE Pinto Gold Potatoes 2#
Brat 6 Links Pork Sausage
Bread Apple Walnut Whole Wheat
Bread Rosemary Boule
RED Jumbo Carrots 3#
Italian Sausage Bulk
Fuji Apples
Frozen apple cider
Holiday Blend Pasta
Hamburger 1# Bulk
Dark Rye Bread
Soup Bones Beef 1.35-1.70#
Apples For Making Sauce
SALE Mix apples 17#
3 Bars Goat Milk Soap
3 Bars Goat Milk Soap
Frozen Turkey
bread sticks
Prism Winter squash
Sugar cup squash
Gala Apples 1/2 peck
Cheddar jalapeno artisan bread
T-Bone Steak 2.0-2.20# #
Sesame Semolina Bread
Pork Spare Ribs 1.50-2#
Milk Low Fat
Cow Milk Cheese Curds
Leeks 5# Lot
Red Delicious
Granny Smith
Potato 20# Mix round
Whole Milk
Milk Chocolate
Bread Cinnamon Swirl loaf with Raisins
French Herb Loaf
Mozzarella cheese (Cow)
Strawberry Milk
Vanilla Ice Cream
Chicken Bratwurst (Cheddar jalapeno)
Half and Half
Mozzarella Cheese
Maple Syrup
Flaxseed Bread
Mexico Fair Trade/organic Coffee, 1/2#
Sweet Cherries
Sweet Cherries coming to end of season
Peas 1/2#
Spicy Micro Mix in a pot
diakon MICRO greens in a pot
Chorizo Chicken Sausage links
Chicken Breakfast Sausage
Ground Turkey
Thighs Chicken
Drumsticks Chicken
Ice Cream Strawberry
Butter Pecan COFFEE, 1/2#
Pasta garlic
Pasta Smokey Spicy
Baby Squash
Ground Turkey
Mix Kale
Cheddar Bratwurst Chicken
Summer Sausage .75-1#
Dill Flower heads
Cranberry Walnut bread with Zucchini
Apple Bratwurst chicken
Turkey Sausage
Flowers Farm Fresh
Granola Strawberry
Honey Comb
Gouda cows milk
Honey Cheddar BEEF STICKS
Buckeye Coffee, 1/2#
Coffee Vanilla Bourbon, 1/2#
Ice Cream Blueberry
Garlic Bulb
Fennel BLOOMS 5-6 heads
Raspberry Cream COFFEE, 1/2#
Small mix Beets
Hamburger patties 3-3.25 #
Orange seedless watermelon
RED seedless watermelon
honey crisp 1/4 Peck apples
Concord Grapes
Yukon Gold Potatoes 4#
Cider HALF gallon
Spaghetti squash
Pumpkins 15-25# for decoration
Pot Roast 1.9-2.35#
Cinnamon Raisin Bread
Bread Tomato Basil
Pumpkin PIE (9in pan)
Apple Pie (9in. pan)
Frozen Sweet Corn 4 Ears
Frozen Blueberries
White Chocolate Candy Cane Ice cream
Feta cows milk
Beef Jerkey
Hot Pepper Jelly
Apple Butter With Sugar and Cinnamon
Peach Bourbon Ice Cream
Guatemala Huehuetenango, 1/2#
Freeze Dried Sugar Snap Peas
Premium Popcorn Shelled
Popping Ears Popcorn
Mustard Spinach
Pink Lady Apples (1/2 Peck)
Pork Rump Roast
Pork Rump Roast
Pork Loin Center Slice1.77-2.45#
Spinach Pasta
Roasted Red Pepper Pasta
Mixed Herb Pasta
Egg Fettucine Pasta
Garlic Basil Pasta
Pasta spaghetti Egg
Pasta Linguini Garlic chive
Komatsuna asian greens