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Farm Happenings (#19 DELIVERY SUMMER out of 20)

Posted on September 29th, 2021 by Diane Riehm


Be sure to look for a little surprise we "POPPED" in this next week's bag.  

Are you ready to also "POP" around your house and look for any "Green Bags" and RETURN TO US IMMEDIATELY?? 

We are gearing up for next season. ONLY 2 weeks left of the Summer season! 

Potatoes are a fall favorite on the farm and are currently "POPPING" up out of the ground with a little help from our potato digger. 

Yukon gold or sometime called yellow potatoes are the ALL-AROUND winners of the spud race

Easily identified by its smooth, eye-free, slightly waxy skin, the Yukon gold is one of the best for mashed potatoes. 

An added bonus is they keep long when stored in an open paper bag in a cool, dark, dry place. 

Ever heard of potato leek soup? I thought so! 

But how often do you cook leeks in other recipes? 

Have you tried them in pasta, stuffing, or risotto? Have you eaten them on their own? 

If we had our way, we’d all be eating leeks way more often. 

Leeks are incredibly versatile, adding unique, sweet, and mild onion flavor to a huge range of dishes. 

With the fall season quickly approaching and the summer season coming to an end, remember to select a "Winter" LOCATION when signing up for the Fall/Winter Market Boxes

Be sure "POP OVER TO" the farm for Riehm's Barnyard Fun & Corn Maze on Saturdays and Sundays this fall. 20+ activities for only $10/person. 

Give a great BIG THANKS to our Farm Staff for all the HARD WORK they put in! 

If you haven't taken the time to Tip the farm staffNOW is the timeOnly 2 more weeks of C.S.A. Veggie Boxes left for the summer. 


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