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Farm Happening (7th DELIVERY SUMMER)

Posted on July 10th, 2020 by Diane Riehm


Although we haven't seen an abundance of rain so far this year, hard work and determination from the whole team have our crops LOOKING GREAT AND COLORFUL!  

Farmers Phil and John have been irrigating like crazy, often more than 5 hours a day!  

Farmer John a young man of 62 can easily counts on one hand the number of times he has irrigated sweet corn. However, we are watering them now and working hard to save the crop.

1988 was the last time we irrigated pumpkins and we have been working hard to give them a drink to quench their thirst since late June! The small plants do not have a developed enough root system to easily support a dry spell like this.  

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 Last year from June 1st to mid July we had 8 1/2 inches of rain (too much). Seneca County typically gets about 5 inches of rain in June! Since June 1, we are ONLY at 1 1/2 inches of rain. Even though many other areas are getting rain our farm has not.  

You have heard of the phrase "5-a day", which means "5-colors a day".  

We are making it EASY for you to get the colors in your day with our beans. 

  1. Refrigerate. 
  2. Snap off the stem right before cooking. 
    • Tip from Phil: Butter your frying pan, salt to taste, cover the pan, and cook until tender. 



So many great ways to prepare last week's farm share in a pinch. 

You're excited about your new CSA share being ON THE WAY, but didn't have time to prep veggies from last week that are still taking up occupancy in your fridge?!  

No worries... 

  • Freeze / Make smoothies / Can / Pickle / Make zucchini squash bread  

Join the Harvie FB Group HERE where TONS of people (over 10 K) from all over the USA, Canada and Australia share and give you great solutions to questions you may have. 


Going on vacation? 

Going out of town?

Have other plans?

Now that you have set the date... Remember to reschedule your farm share. This way you can easily have your empty fridge restocked when you return.

"Rescheduling" vs. "Holding" your share:

Reschedule If you can’t pick up your share you can chose to "reschedule" for a future date. 

Holding Placing a hold on your delivery will result in forfeiting (cancelling) that share for the week. Holding your share does NOT automatically reschedule it! (the Harvie team will be happy to reinstate any holds, this is not something the farm can do)


1. "Login" to  
2. Click "Manage Deliveries"
3. Choose the delivery 

  • Change Date (Reschedule) 
  • Change Location


Pat yourselves on the back!!!
 Thanks to your generosity in donating CSA shares, we have 6 homes able to receive 20 weekly veggie bags this summer from our "Donation Add-ons"! 

* Our fifth donated CSA share goes to a very appreciative father and son, Andy and Ron. This duo resides in an apartment without a stove, so they use a crockpot and microwave for cooking. Ron is diabetic, but loves vegetables so much that he eats them like candy! 

Rounding out this section next week with the sixth donation to a large family of 7 hoping to become an "official" family of 9 soon! 


Don't forget to see the complete schedule in your personal page. Scroll down to the yellow "Managed Deliveries" box: 


* FRUIT SHARES -  Sweet Cherries, Blueberry, Peach (We will give you the best available throughout the week). A little- bit-of-this and a little-bit-of-that but not enough to give everyone the same.

* CHICKEN-OF-THE-MONTH SHARES - 5 item frozen package

* HAMBURGER-OF-THE-MONTH SHARES - Quantity (3) frozen packages of one lb. bulk 



* BREAD SHARES - Featuring wholesome ingredients from Bella Cuisine.

* COFFEE-OF-THE-MONTH SHARES - Each variety is hand-roasted in small batches with a focus on the defining characteristics of its specific growing region.

* FRUIT SHARES - Fresh and in season. When Mother Nature creates fruit, only 2 types usually ripen at a time. 



* FRUIT SHARES - Stay tuned... 

Wholesome and beautiful brown eggs from Anderson’s Local Farm.

* FLOWERS SHARES - Beautiful fresh cut flowers from local farmer Kristy Buskirk.