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Moving Forward in a Difficult Time

Posted on March 18th, 2020 by Robyn Calvey

We are getting so much information thrown as us these days.  I am not trying to add to that heap, but I think it is important for you and our community to understand the steps we are taking here at Park Ridge Organics to ensure a safe and abundant upcoming season. 

Like I said in my last farm happening, we are growing veggies no matter what this season.  The seeds are already on hand and we are planning for an abundant growing season as always.  I just got off a call today with over 300 professionals nation wide from the farming community regarding the COVID-19 outbreak and how it related to small scale farming systems.  We are using this information along with our current Food Safety plan to develop appropriate SSOP (Sanitation Standard Operating Procedures) for Park Ridge Organics that will ensure safe produce provided through our farm store and vegetable share.  


The Farm Store at Park Ridge Organics

On an exciting note, we are going to be launching an ONLINE FARM STORE!  Our physical on-farm store has always been great place to shop for fresh, local, organic vegetables all season long (May-October). We don't want that to change!  And in fact, we feel that the ability to buy direct from the farm will be more important given our current global situation.  With the implementation of an online store, customers can preorder and schedule a pick up time at the farm.  We will have orders ready for grab and go to minimize in store time and expose to other customers. A "curb side pickup" option will also be offered for order pickup.  We are still working out if home delivery will be viable with the online store orders but the online store in itself is a start.  If you or anyone you know runs a local delivery service, please reach out and give us their contact information!  

Watch for a Farm Happening in the next week about when the online store will be up and running.  We will be starting off with our potted plant pre-order sale.  Growing your own food at home is a route that many people will be taking.  We hope you will choose to buy your plants from us!  


2020 Farm Market

As of this time, many farmers markets across the nation are closing down.  Or if they are open, they have very strict guidelines in place to protect people.  Without knowing where things will be come our farm market season in June, we are planning for the worst in the event that we cannot or decide not to attend markets.  Farmers market income makes up almost 20% of our farms total revenue.  This is small in comparison to some farms but it is a piece of the pie no matter how you slice it.  Right now, our focus is on shifting our distribution methods to ensure that we can still get all our produce out to the community members who want it.  


Our Vegetable Share Program

I can't stress enough how practical signing up for a farm share is right now.  Not only are you supporting a local business but you are also securing your fresh, organic food source for the season to come.  We offer a payment plan in which you only pay 25% down and the rest is paid throughout the season (June-October).  If that plan isn't comfortable enough for you, call us and we can work something out.  

With that said, we have less than 75 shares remaining for the season.  So now is the time to get on board.  Visit for more information and to sign up.  


Stay Calm and Farm On...that is our current mantra.  

Thanks for reading-


Farm Owner