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Posted on November 12th, 2021 by Robyn Calvey

The holiday season is upon us!  And boy oh boy are we excited for the Thanksgiving Shares that 100 lucky members get to pick up at the farm next week. 

Seriously we have a LONG list of extra items that we are selling as part of this share so if you are getting a Thanksgiving Share you REALLY should check out what we are offering in addition to the vegetables your share includes. 

And remember that people LOVE local gifts for the holidays.  Stock up on things like maple syrup, dried beans and Siren Shrub and stuff some stockings, tie some ribbons, crinkle some tissue paper.  Do whatever it takes to dazzle people with a locally produced gift this holiday season.  


Thanks to everyone this season for making it the best ever at Park Ridge Organics!  


Farm Owner