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Dragon Beans and Tomato Dreams!

Posted on September 3rd, 2021 by Robyn Calvey

Hey there members-

We have some things to tell you about the upcoming weeks share...

#1) TOMATO SEASON IS NOW!  We are having one of our more memorable good tomato seasons.  The plants are pumping out thousands of tomatoes each week so you will be getting many in your upcoming weeks share.  DON'T BE SCARED!  Did you know that you can simply put roma tomatoes in freezer bag and into the freezer?  Yup.  Pull them out for winter soups, chilis and stews and rinse under warm water.  Skins come right off.  Or have you ever roasted tomatoes and then froze them?  How about just eating as much pico di gallo and fresh tomatoes as humanly possible before the season ends?  I do that.    Also we are STILL TAKING ORDERS FOR BULK TOMATOES.  Click to learn more and order.  


#2) DRAGON BEANS do NOT COME FROM REAL DRAGONS.  For our first time ever, we summoned a dragon this season to help us grow dragon beans. It worked!  A dragon came down from the skies about 60 days ago and sowed seeds which are now bearing beautiful purple striped flat beans.  Okay...that isn't true.  BUT what is true is that these beans are delicious!  Simply cook like you do your green beans.  I prefer sauteed in garlic and butter.  Yum!  Fire breathing good without the hot part.  


Hope you are all enjoying your shares!  

Mark your calendars that the final share pick up is October 21st (22nd for Elkhart) this season.  It's coming up fast!  Enjoy all the flavors while they last. 



Farm Owner and Dragon Tamer