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Feel the Love with Local Shrub

Posted on November 13th, 2020 by Robyn Calvey


As I sit to write this farm happening, there is what appears to be a cocktail on my's 11am!  However a cocktail it is not.  But it's just as good!  It is a glass of bubbly water and a splash of Basil Siren Shrub.  I discovered Siren Shrub about a year ago thanks to farmer friends at Whitefeather Organics in Amherst, WI who introduced me to it in an actual cocktail :)  The Whitefeather's grow the basil that Layne and Mindy, owners of Siren Shrub, use to create their Basil Shrub.  Shrub is simple: cider vinegar, sugar and and herb/fruit.  It can be used in making salad dressings or marinades to compliment your farm share items AND it can make any drink (alcohol or otherwise) be the talk of the town.  We are excited to be offering Basil Siren Shrub as an EXTRA ITEM in the upcoming Extended Season Shares!  


This week, the farm became very quiet for the first time in 7 months. The fields are all put to rest for the winter and the workers are at home getting the well deserved rest they need.  Except for some hard core crop planning by myself and Becky, the week felt like a wonderful break from a very stressful season.  We plan each and every crop for the next season, right on the tail end of the last season.  This way our brains are fresh for realistic decision making.  And we just remember more :)  We have already made some great plans for new varieties of existing crops (dragon beans!) as well as bringing back some crops that we previously retired (eggplant is back!). 


As we plug away at our crop plan and prepare to order seeds for the 2021 season, we can't help but feel excited for what's to come in so many ways.  Time will move and eventually life will feel more normal in so many ways.  Until then, do your part and hunker down.  Rest.  Nest.  Do your best.  When we all come out of winter hibernation, let's remember what we have been through and how strong we can be! 


Cheers...with a shrub cocktail of course!


Farm Owner