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The Betwixt Time of the Season

Posted on August 7th, 2019 by Robyn Calvey


Another beautiful week on the farm and we got rain!  A whole 1.5 inches of it over the last week.  That's perfect (for now!).  So much getting done in this "inbetween" time of the season.  The final seeds have been sown in the greenhouse.  The seeding schedule for the fields is almost complete for the season.  Garlic and onions are all harvested...well almost all.  Just red storage onions left.  The onions are HUGE this season due to all the early rain.  We are having trouble finding room on the farm to dry them all!  Things are getting done around here! 


So here we are, betwixt the spring/early summer crops that we will miss oh so much (peas, broccoli, radishes, etc) and a little too early for the peak summer crops we long for (slicing tomatoes, colored peppers, ground cherries, etc).  But we are happy to report that we plan to get a few more weeks of sweet corn from Hoekstra's which is such a treat!  


Enjoy eating with the seasons and savor all the tastes when they are here.  It won't be long and all we will taste is the cold of winter  :(


From your farmers and friends at Park Ridge Organics thank you for your support!