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Farm Happenings for December 9, 2019

Posted on December 7th, 2019 by Tim Vrieselaar


It's the second last delivery of 2019 - maybe the last if you are on biweekly deliveries. We're running low on product. This week we have added frozen blueberries and honey to the vegetable shares.

Maybe you remember the time we had a swarm of bees in the garden? A small scale beekeeper we found in Nobleford came and collected those bees. Since then we have been getting all our honey from him. This year he has extra so we have bought some to fill our vegetable shortage.  It's pretty cool to think the bees that were hanging on our fence are now feeding us delicious honey.  The honey comes in small jars (perfect for those last minute gifts).  That's as local of honey as we can get:)

We will say a huge thank you to you already for your support this winter season.  There were many snowy, icy trips to Calgary - but thankfully we had safe trips each time (one time Chantal almost stayed in the city - but she made it home safe).  

PLEASE REPLY -- HOME DELIVERY - please give us your thoughts on the home delivery program.  Do you like it? Would you like to see all deliveries as home deliveries next summer? We realize the travel headaches in Calgary - and to be honest - I would not want to battle traffic for an extra hour just for my vegetables!!  We need to hear from you - if this was a great way to get your veggies - please tell us - and your friends.   Our numbers have dropped over the last few years - and we believe that driving time is a big factor - we want to do our best to bring you fresh veggies - but we need your input before we make a big decision..

Thanks again - and we hope to hear back from you - to help us be our best at serving your veggie needs next summer!