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Frost in August!!

Posted on September 1st, 2018 by Tim Vrieselaar

Frost hit on August 28th this wasn't a really hard frost but it was enough to shut down the squash plants and the beans.  The corn and strawberries are still ok....though the strawberries are really starting to slow down now with the cool nights.  

Fall is definitely here....and in a way I am looking forward to seeing the leaves change colors.....but it's sad to think that the garden is on it's way out already!  Summer seemed very short this year (but thankfully the hot days helped things along as much as they did).

Next week marks the "Back to School" and so our staff will be shrinking very drastically!! But they celebrated by harvesting the squash before they finished!  It's always a fun day - - throwing pumpkins at each other and not getting in trouble for it;) The squash are not actually ready to come off yet and this is the earliest we have ever had to take them off.  But we will enjoy that bit of fall a bit early this year!