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First Delivery of Fall Season. Important info for home delivery

Posted on October 14th, 2019 by Tim Vrieselaar

She's Arrived!

In the middle of the busy days of getting a new program running, we had to take the weekend off to receive our own precious parcel. Our daughter arrived on Saturday!  Abigail Joy is now home again with Mommy and we are doing well.  

And now we are trying our best to get the new program up and running before the first home deliveries tomorrow.  We aim to leave the farm at 6am to be in Calgary by 8.  From there we do not know yet when we will arrive with your veggies.  From now on we will send out the first email out on Fridays so you have a couple days to customize you order. Sorry for the very short window to customize this time!!

To leave us specific instructions of where you want your veggies left - please log into your account and add instructions onto your profile.  Those instructions will be printed on your label so we will see them when we are at your home with the veggies.  Please keep the instructions short and simple.  Thank you!

If you are not home to receive the veggies, please be sure to leave a cooler outside for us to put your veggies in to keep them from freezing.  We recommend a 60 liter or larger cooler for a half share, any add-ons and hot/cold packs.