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Farm Happenings for August 26, 2019

Posted on August 24th, 2019 by Tim Vrieselaar

Hope you all enjoyed week 1 of the late summer season.  This season will run until the middle of October -so you will see lots of variety as the hot weather leaves us and fall starts to arrive.  How we love the hot days that help the gardens grow.

It's been a super busy but special week on the farm.  Family visited from BC for our nephews wedding so with extra visitors, a day trip, a wedding and all our regular work - it's been a wild, crazy ride!! Our visitors (my sister - married to Tim's brother - and their 6 kids) gave us the nudge we needed to take a day away from the farm.  We headed out to Castle Falls.  It's becoming on of our favorite get away places.  Beautiful scenery, a nice waterfall,  swim holes and cliff jumping, and of course, campfires, hot dogs and smores.  It was great to get away!!  (and the kids have loads of giggling fun with their cousins!)

castle fallscastle falls

Next week will be back at the grindstone again - for the last week before the kids head back to school!!! O where, o where has my summer gone?? I am totally not ready to send kids back to school yet - I think they should stay home until October!!  But that's life, and things will be going through some big changes in the next week as we again settle in to a new routine.  

The forcast is calling for cooler weather next week - frosts are probably right around the corner - but we will keep harvesting as long as we can.  Once school starts harvesting will also get harder to get done each day - 2 or our 3 workers will be headed back to school.  But the days are still long enough to get some stuff done after school as well.  We will do our best!!

I'm looking forward to enjoying the last week with my kiddos home!! Fall is just around the corner!