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Farm Happenings for July 20, 2020

Posted on July 16th, 2020 by Tim Vrieselaar

Well, Chantal is a married lady!! And her wedding was absolutely beautiful!  It has been a joy to watch this young lady go from a 14 yr old shy teenager helping in the garden to the wonderful woman she it today!  And no- she is not our daughter...but she sure counts as family;)  We wish her and Johan a long and happy love filled marriage! This picture is from can see just how happy she is!

Chantal's wedding

While she enjoys her honeymoon we will be working hard with lots of crops to harvest each day.  Right now it seems like we never quite get done picking one thing or another.  There are still berries, and peas and now beans and the first of the cukes.  As I type this the others have gone out to dig the first potatoes.  I have enjoyed them for dinner already and am looking forward to sharing them with you also.  

In other news...we have partnered with Blue Marble Farms from Medicine Hat to get a more consistent supply of greenhouse product.  We are happy that they are able to help us supply you with great veggies.  As they are also a supplier to the Red Hat will notice that the tomatoes and peppers have the Red Hat stickers on them.  As far as I know..the stickers are standard on all their products.  We are also enjoying product from the aquaponic greenhouse in Nobleford here in the way of herbs and greens. 

Those who have been with us for many years know that every year has it's own challenges.  This year seems to be a low kale year (ok stop clapping and cheering!!:) It seems that the brassica bed is in a bad spot of soil and is not growing as it should.  We had hoped that the peas in it last year would have helped.... We will keep an eye on it and hopefully before to long we will have broccoli and cauliflower to share as well.

**Please remember to put your coolers outside on your delivery day! As the days warm up this is very important to keep your produce fresh.  An easy icepack idea...freeze a few water bottles and throw them in the cooler.

** A quick note..we try to always have the items on your share list..but occasionally we will run short or have a miscount.  In those situations we will swap for an item of equal value to the best of our ability. 

We have had a few bags go missing and items miscounted as we started the season but hopefully that is all in the past now and we are on a roll for the rest of the summer!  As the season progresses we will have more items available and the swap options and add-ons are a great way to get just a little bit more of your favorite products.

We hope you are enjoying the veggies...feel free to share the word about our farm.  Anyone is welcome to go the the Local Line page and purchase from there (home delivery available on $40 orders).  The Local Line will also have bulk products available - including blueberries from Uncle Dave next week!!