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First Frost? Or Last Frost??

Posted on July 20th, 2019 by Tim Vrieselaar

Yup, you read that right!  FROST!! It shouldn't come for at least 6 weeks yet - but Thursday night we had a touch of frost in the gardens.  It's going to be ok - the squash and beans have damage - but we are pretty sure they will still go on to produce.  This actually makes it that we have had frost every month of the year in 2019!  Farming is hard!!!

frosted beansThe actual damage is more visible after a few days - when all the top leaves turn black and dry out.  But anything looking curled along the tops - that is the frost damage.  

But on a better note - we are sure looking forward to the 30+ temps in the forcast for next week.  After lots of rain (and a tornado scare in the area on Thursday) the heat will be a very welcome change!

Hopefully most of you had the chance to try some of the new potatoes - and if not - you will get a chance soon.  It feels good to add some new variety to the baskets!  The cukes are also starting to come nicely- but there are not many plants to pick from so they will get shared over the various deliveries.  

The first beans and broccoli are also going to be showing up in the baskets soon - the broccoli is amazingly far behind this year -but better late than never!  The beans in the greenhouse are also way behind - but they sure look amazing climbing the trellis like they do!  And those beans - have been measured in at 11 inches!!

bean trellislong beans

There's not much else in exciting news on the farm (unless kittens count??) -because there are 7 new little tiny kittens living in my mudroom now!  Yes. the kids love them!

We look forward to another load of delicious blueberries from Uncle Dave again this week - another dose of the best of the Fraser Valley:)  brought to you as fresh as we can get them (plus the 12 hour drive).  Maybe I am biased - but I think they are delicious!

Enjoy the sunny, warm week ahead!