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Farm Happenings for April 21, 2022

Posted on April 13th, 2022 by Jessica Linton

We are so excited to make our first delivery to Lake Barcroft and Arlington on Thursday, Apr 21. Today feels like a real spring day with lots of sunshine and warm temperatures. We have been out all day laying out landscaping fabric in the cut flower acre to get ready for planting transplants after our final frost. the cows are loving the spring grass and all the new calves are learning the cycle of daily paddock rotations. We also started ducks a bit earlier this year after seeing how well they did in colder temperatures so we already have ducks on pasture with our first butcher date coming up. 

I am so happy to be offering some gorgeous potted dahlias, gerber daisies, and stunning hanging baskets for the first time this year from a great local nursery. I am going to have trouble parting with all these gorgeous hanging baskets instead of just hanging them all around my own house. The potted dahlias and daisies are perfect for planting around your house, in window boxes, containers, or raised beds. At the end of the season I can even show you how to dig up dahlia tubers to multiply your stock. Since it is still really early spring, our veg has not quite taken off but we can offer you a head start on your own gardens with tomato plants that are about ready to start putting on fruit. 

We have a full selection of beef, lamb, chicken, and pork for you along with tons of fresh eggs. It is wild to see the difference between the eggs we get in winter vs. spring. Once hens start eating that fresh spring grass the yolks turn the most vibrant yellow. And don't sleep on the Seasons Yield bread offerings. Those of you who were with us last year can attest to how delicious his pastries and breads are. And this past winter, our baker bought a brand new stone mill so he now grinds his own wheat and sources it from an amazing organic Virginia farm. I don't know any other bakeries where you can track exactly where their wheat is coming from. 

Please let me know if there are any important details for each of your home deliveries, a back porch you would like it left on etc. I will be going through Lake Barcroft first followed by Arlington. As always your orders will be packaged in insulated liners with cool paks so everything stays frozen and fresh. Please let me know if anything is missing or wrong with your order ASAP because in all likelihood I will still be in the area and can remedy anything that needs fixing. As we are getting the season revved up, it would mean so much if y'all would spread the word about us to your friends and neighbors. The more the merrier! Thank you so much for being about of our farm community and here is to an amazing new season.