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Farm Happenings for April 30, 2022

Posted on April 24th, 2022 by Jessica Linton

Don't you love Virginia weather? Within the span of a couple days we went from bring all our transplants inside to protect them from the frost to worry about our tender greens getting burnt by the hot sun in 90 degree heat. As much as I wish I could say we have seen the last of cold weather there are a couple 32 degree nights forecast in the next week for us. Someday, Mother Nature will make up her mind on what season we are in. Nevertheless, we have our first vegetables harvesting this week and I am so excited! You will see gorgeous purple and red radishes up for grabs as well as leafy greens like chard and kale. Allison, our veggie guru, has a knack for growing greens that I never learned so I am sure you all will love the gorgeous salads she provides. 

My husband Shane and I took a drive on the back roads of Swoope for the time honored tradition of wild asparagus hunting. We probably never went above 10mph because we had to keep our eyes peeled for those hard to find stalks. We were not the only ones on the hunt, all of our old timer neighbors were out in their farm trucks so we had to be extra sharp eyed. A couple known spots had already been hit so we only went home with 7 stalks but I will keep searching because I would love to share this seasonal delicacy with you all. 

I had such a great time meeting you all last delivery. It is incredible finding people who are passionate about food, sustainability, and local sourcing. We would love to expand our farm family in the RVA area so we have a referral program. On each of your Harvie accounts you will find your unique referral link. Share it with all your friends and both you and your referee will receive a $25 credit on your account. Let me know if you have any questions or need help finding that unique link!