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Welcome to Meadow Wood Farm! This year we are so excited to be offering our customers in Lake Barcroft the highest quality and variety of food the Shenandoah Valley can produce. COVID-19 has limited our lives in so many ways and we hope to be one avenue where there are more safe choices. With food supply chains being so affected by the pandemic and people not feeling safe going to the grocery store, we hope to connect you all with nutritious, sustainably grown food and the farms around us with customers who are passionate about eating well. To do that we will be partnering with our friends and fellow farmers to fulfill as many food groups as we can.

Think of your Meadow Wood Farm box as two weeks worth of your grocery shopping. But now you can choose the healthiest food and it is all delivered right to your doorstep. Safety, quality, and convenience all in one.

Farm Happenings for October 22, 2021

Posted on October 18th 2021 by Jessica Linton

Hello Farm Family! Shane and I took the weekend off to enjoy this incredible fall weather and do some of the things we love to do but never have enough time for. On Saturday we woke up at 4am to drive down to the New River Gorge in West Virginia and go white water rafting. We hit the Upper Gauley which only runs 6 weekends in the fall when they release... read more »

Buffalo Gap Farm 5# Hard Wheat Flour (Bread)
Buffalo Gap Farm 5# Soft Wheat Flour (Pastry)
Buffalo Gap Farm #2 Cornmeal
Buffalo Gap Farm Large Arrangement
Buffalo Gap Farm Easter Arrangment
Buffalo Gap Farm Mothers Day Arrangement
Buffalo Gap Farm Fathers Day Arrangement
Buffalo Gap Farm Independence Day Arrangement
Buffalo Gap Farm Memorial Day Arrangement
Buffalo Gap Farm Birthday Arrangement
Buffalo Gap Farm Anniversary Arrangement
Farmstead Ferments Garlicky Greens Kraut
Farmstead Ferments Kimchi Kraut
Farmstead Ferments Classic Kraut
Farmstead Ferments Winter Roots Kraut
Farmstead Ferments Turnip the Beet Kraut
Farmstead Ferments Butternut Chipotle Kraut
Meadow Wood Farm Rainbow Trout
Meadow Wood Farm Whole Duck
Meadow Wood Farm Sourdough Starter Kit
Meadow Wood Farm Vermiculture Starter Kit
Mill Gap Farms Organic Maple Sugar
Mill Gap Farms 12oz Glass Flask Organic Maple Syrup
Mill Gap Farms 8.45oz Barrel Aged Rye Organic Maple Syrup
Mill Gap Farms 1 Gallon Glass Growler Organic Maple Syrup
Mill Gap Farms 1/2 Pint Honey
Mill Gap Farms 1 Pint Honey
Seasons Yield Farm Oakland Rustic Sourdough
Seasons Yield Farm Sourdough Baguette
Seasons Yield Farm Sprouted Quinoa Sourdough
Trager Brothers 1lb Columbian Organic Ground Coffee
Trager Brothers 1lb Espresso Organic Ground Coffee
Trager Brothers 1lb Ethiopian Organic Ground Coffee
Trager Brothers 1lb French Sumatra Organic Ground Coffee
Verdant Acres Farm Whole Freedom Ranger Chicken - Small
Verdant Acres Farm Leg and Thigh
Verdant Acres Farm Boneless Skinless Breast
Hayou Farm Kale
Hayou Farm Chard
Hayou Farm Green Head Lettuce
Hayou Farm Beets
Hayou Farm Carrots
Hayou Farm Cilantro
Hayou Farm Garlic
Hayou Farm Green Garlic
Hayou Farm Garlic Scapes
Hayou Farm Bell Peppers
Hayou Farm Basil
Verdant Acres Costata Romanesco Zucchini
Verdant Acres Pattypan
Verdant Acres Ronde de Nice
Verdant Acres Winter Squash Varieties
Verdant Acres Bunched Carrots
Verdant Acres Turnips
Verdant Acres Radishes
Verdant Acres Bunched Beets
Verdant Acres Asian Greens
Verdant Acres Salad Greens
Verdant Acres Cabbage
Verdant Acres Chinese Cabbage
Verdant Acres Baby Fennel
Verdant Acres Snow Peas
Verdant Acres Sugar Snap Peas
Verdant Acres Specialty Melons
Verdant Acres Heirloom Tomatoes
Verdant Acres Cherry Tomatoes
Verdant Acres Sweet Peppers
Verdant Acres Hot Peppers
Verdant Acres Hot Peppers
Verdant Acres Soft, Sweet Kale
Verdant Acres Swiss Chard
Verdant Acres Onions
Verdant Acres Potatoes
Verdant Acres Sweet Potatoes
Verdant Acres Eggs
Verdant Acres Ground Berkshire Pork
Verdant Acres Cornish Hen
Verdant Acres Bone Broth
Anathallo Acres Mixed Mushrooms
Buffalo Gap Beef
Buffalo Gap Ground Beef
Buffalo Gap Beef Bones
Buffalo Gap Beef Stew Meat
Dickie Brothers Orchard Laurol Peaches
Dickie Brothers Orchard Pears
Dickie Brothers Black Raspberries
Dickie Brothers Blackberries
Dickie Brothers Nectarines
Dickie Brothers Sweet Potatoes
Dickie Brothers Apples
Dickie Brothers Apple Cider
Dickie Brothers Applesauce
Buffalo Gap Farm Sweet Corn
Verdant Acres Microgreens
Verdant Acres L/XL Eggs
Verdant Acres Medium Eggs
Verdant Acres Asian Spinach Style Greens
Verdant Acres Bok Choy
Verdant Acres Mixed Greens
Verdant Acres Kale Bunch
Verdant Acres Lard Chocolate Chip Cookies
Verdant Acres Lard Dark Chocolate Brownies
Ground Berkshire Pork
Verdant Acres Bone Broth Kits
Hayou Farm Catnip
Hayou Farm Oregano
Hayou Farm Radishes
Farmstead Ferments Kimchi
Farmstead Ferments Tangy Turmeric Kraut
Trager Brothers 1LB Whole Beans French Sumatra Coffee
Trager Brothers 1LB Whole Beans Ethiopian Coffee
Trager Brothers 1LB Organic Guatemalan Ground Coffee
Trager Brothers 1LB Whole Bean Guatemalan Coffee
Trager Brothers Nitro Colombian Unsweet Cold Brew Can
Trager Brothers Nitro Colombian Lightly Sweet Cold Brew Can
Seasons Yield Farm Cinnamon Raisin Bread
Seasons Yield Farm Pullman Sandwich Loaf
Seasons Yield Farm Blueberry Muffins
Seasons Yield Farm Bread Slicing
Anathallo Acres Bone In Ribeye
Anathallo Acres Large Bone In Ribeye
Anathallo Acres Sirloin Steak
Anathallo Acres NY Strip
Anathallo Acres Short Ribs
Anathallo Acres 1lb Ground Beef
Anathallo Acres Whole Freedom Ranger Broilers
Anathallo Acres Boneless Breast
Buffalo Gap Tulip Bouquet
Buffalo Gap Everlasting Wreath
Creekside Acres 8oz Raw Honey
Buffalo Gap Skirt Steak
Buffalo Gap Flank Steak
Buffalo Gap Short Ribs
Buffalo Gap Filet Mignon
Buffalo Gap NY Strip Steak
Buffalo Gap Top Sirloin Steak
Buffalo Gap Bottom Round Roast
Buffalo Gap Beef Tongue
Buffalo Gap Beef Liver
Buffalo Gap Oxtail
Buffalo Gap Hanger Steak
Hayou Farm Apple Mint
Hayou Farm Hakurei Turnip
Verdant Acres Dino Kale
Verdant Acres Cherry Tomato Starts
Verdant Acres Slicing Tomato Starts
Anathallo Acres Chicken Tenders
Verdant Acres Baby Turnips, Carrots, or Radishes
Meadow Wood Farm Ground Lamb
Meadow Wood Farm Osso Bucco
Meadow Wood Farm Lamb Kebab Meat
Meadow Wood Farm Lamb Rib Chop
Meadow Wood Farm Lamb Loin Chop
Meadow Wood Farm Lamb Shoulder Roast
Meadow Wood Farm Lamb Roast
Verdant Acres Jalapeno Starts
Verdant Acres Petit Collard Greens
Hayou Farm Red Head Lettuce
Hayou Farm Mei Qing Choi
Hayou Farm Dill
Meadow Wood Farm Pekin Duck
Buffalo Gap Strawberries
Hayou Farm Romaine Head Lettuce
Hayou Farm Swiss Chard
Hayou Farm Garlic Scapes
Hayou Farm Chioggia Beets
Seasons Yield Farm Sprouted Quinoa Loaf
Seasons Yield Sourdough Roll Pack
Buffalo Gap L/XL Eggs
Chiles Orchard 5lb Peaches
Chiles Orchard Sweet Cherries
Hayou Farm Red Onions
Hayou Farm White Onions
Hayou Farm Sage
Hayou Farm Raspberries
Verdant Acres Squash Blossoms
Verdant Acres Farm Whole Freedom Ranger Chicken - Medium
Verdant Acres Chicken Livers
Verdant Acres Chicken Leg&Thigh
Verdant Acres Half Chicken
Verdant Acres Chicken Breast Quarters
Buffalo Gap Flower Posy
Chiles Orchard Blueberries
Victory Honey
Meadow Wood Farm Yellow Summer Squash
Meadow Wood Farm Zucchini
Hayou Farm Heirloom Tomatoes
Hayou Farm Hot Peppers
Hayou Farm Green Beans
Hayou Farm Mexican Mint Marigold
Hayou Farm Cutting Celery
Hayou Farm Bulk Beets
Hayou Farm Beets
Dickie Brothers Friar Plums
Buffalo Gap Farm 5lb Cabbage
Buffalo Gap Farm 5lb Yellow Squash
Buffalo Gap Farm 5lb Zucchini Squash
Buffalo Gap Farm 5lb Cucumbers
Hayou Farm Yellow Onions
Hayou Farm Bulk Heirloom Tomatoes
Hayou Farm Hot Pepper Surprise
Hayou Farm Heirloom Cherry Tomatoes
Hayou Farm Lemon Balm
Hayou Farm Parsley
Meadow Wood Farm Green Beans
Seasons Yield Almond-Black Currant Granola
Anathallo Acres Pork Chops
Anathallo Acres Small Pork Chops
Anathallo Acres Boston Butt Roast
Anathallo Acres Breakfast Sausage
Anathallo Acres Chorizo Sausage
Hayou Farm Lavender
Hayou Farm Bulk Basil
Hayou Farm Chieftain Potatoes
Meadow Wood Farm 5lb Cucumbers
Buffalo Gap Farm Sunflowers
Verdant Acres Shishito Peppers
Verdant Acres Sweet Peppers
Hayou Farm Hungarian Hot Wax Peppers
Hayou Farm Jalapenos
Meadow Wood Farm Heirloom Tomatoes
Meadow Wood Farm Cherry Tomatoes
Meadow Wood Farm Poblano Peppers
Meadow Wood Farm Banana Peppers
Dickie Brothers Honey Crisp Apples
Dickie Brothers McIntosh Apples
Dickie Brothers Gala Apples
Dickie Brothers Bartlett Pears
Seasons Yield Farm Baguettes
Seasons Yield Farm Garlic Potato Rosemary Loaf
Seasons Yield Farm Gluten Free Baguette
Seasons Yield Sunflower Whole Wheat Loaf
Dickie Brothers Empire Apples
Dickie Brothers Golden Delicious Apples
Dickie Brothers Bosc Pears
Hayou Farm Fennel
Hayou Farm Collard Greens
Meadow Wood Farm Butternut Squash
Meadow Wood Farm Acorn Squash
Buffalo Gap Dahlia Bunch
Buffalo Gap Dahlia Bunch
Meadow Wood Farm Tetsukabuto Squash
Meadow Wood Farm Winter Sweet Kabocha Squash
Dickie Brothers Suncrisp Apples
Dickie Brothers Jonagold Apples
Buffalo Gap Farm Sweet Onions
Meadow Wood Farm Baby Potatoes
Anathallo Acres Sliced Pork Belly
Seasons Yield Sourdough Bagel
Seasons Yield Sourdough Everything Bagel
Seasons Yield Cinnamon Crunch Bagel
Dickie Brothers Fuji Apples
Meadow Wood Farm Decorative Gourds