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How Ordering Through Harvie Works

Posted on March 23rd, 2021 by Jessica Linton

Thank you all so much for checking out our platform here on Harvie. I wanted to clarify a couple things as you all click through the ordering process. We will be making a delivery to NoVa and Richmond on alternating weeks. By signing up on Harvie that gives us an idea of how much interest we have which influences our harvesting, planting, and processing decisions. But as each week rolls around you all will be given the option to have a delivery or opt out.

If for example you are out of town for the week or your refrigerator is just too full you will just opt out at no charge and we will check back in with you for the next delivery. If you are super excited to get some more fresh produce then go on and customize your box. You can edit all the veg, meat, fruit, and bread coming your way. 

Be sure to set your preferences when you are first signing up. You will go through and rate the different products we will be offering throughout the year on a scale of Hate it to Love It. Using those preferences our system will generate your box each delivery. You will be given the option to either approve the box the system created or go in and customize it further. All you have to do is meet the $40 minimum. We may not always have enough of each item to guarantee one for every customer so if you are super stoked about something be sure to log on early and snag it.