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Posted on March 8th, 2021 by Jessica Linton

Meadow Wood Farm: Meadow Wood Farm is owned and operated by Shane Murrow and Jessie Linton. Shane's farming background comes from growing up on his family farm in Oklahoma that ran through the Depression and Dust Bowl. Jessie moved to Swoope after serving in the Peace Corp in Senegal, teaching sustainable agriculture techniques to subsistence farmers. Meadow Wood is committed to producing high quality, nutritionally dense, delicious lamb, duck, and trout. We believe animals are healthiest, happiest, and yummiest when rotationally grazed on pasture. 

Buffalo Gap Farm: You all will recognize Buffalo Gap Farm from last year's food drops in Lake Barcroft. My husband Shane and I manage this farm for Tai Lopez, the first Polyface Intern. Here we produce cut flowers, beef, milled flour, and cornmeal for the Lake Barcroft market but are always experimenting with different produce, cereals, and livestock. We use all organic practices, pasture our livestock, and rotate our crops.

Verdant Acres Farm: John and Mary Pederson both left corporate career paths in order to pursue our true passion: getting our hands dirty while growing sustainable & delicious food. We met while working at the East Coast’s largest organic vegetable & pastured meat farm. The Pedersons believe very strongly in being good stewards of the earth. From vegetables to livestock, our focus is rebuilding the soil, reconnecting families with their farmers, restoring health through amazing sustainably grown food.

Hayou Farm: Adam and Allison Young established Hayou Farm in Staunton, VA, in 2018, with the goal of providing ecologically-grown fruit and vegetables to local customers. They enjoy using the animal management skills they learned while interns at Polyface Farm to complement their fruit and vegetable production. With chickens rotating between produce rows for bug control and fertilization, sheep grazing and mowing walkways, and Berkshire pigs cleaning up the garden scraps, they aim to use animals to assist in produce production as much as possible. Adam and Allison are proud to farm using only “beyond-organic” and sustainable methods. 

Dickie Brothers Orchard: Dickie Brothers Orchard has been in our family since England's King George II sold three tracts of land to our Great, Great, Great, Great Grandfather James Dickie in 1752, 1758 and 1760. Brothers, Tommy and John Bruguiere are members of the seventh generation to manage Dickie Bros. Orchard We grow and produce quality products and sell at the lowest price we can in order to help our customers have quality food at a fair price, yet still allow us to continue to run our farm. We don't just grow a few varieties of apples, we grow 20 different varieties of apples as well as peaches, nectarines, plums, blackberries, sweet potatoes, and more.

Mill Gap Farms: The Conner Family moved to Highland County in the winter of 2017. City folk, by local standards, moving to “them thar hills”, leaving Richmond for the wonderful community of Monterey, Virginia, After a year or so, we decided to make maple syrup. We joined the ranks of great producers in the winter of 2019 with our first batches of maple syrup being produced from the trees on our farm. After that first batch, we pursued organics and became Virginia’s first and only USDA Certified Organic Producer of Maple Syrup.

Trager Brothers Coffee: In 1993 Joe and I left Seattle, Washington with our life-long friend Doug Keller to chase a collective dream of building a coffee company: Destination: Charlottesville, Virginia. On July 7, 2007, after an extended return to Seattle to learn the craft of roasting, the first batch of TBC was made in Nelson County. Now 27 years since our very first cup, Trager Brothers Coffee is still going strong, proudly serving only high-quality, organic coffee. We are fully committed to supporting environmental sustainability and fair wages for farmers and their families. This has led us on a lifelong pursuit of building relationships with like-minded people in the specialty coffee industry, as well as with farms and collectives across the world.

Farmstead Ferments: Farmstead Ferments is located in Scottsville, VA. We grow, harvest, process, ferment, and preserve a wide variety of vegetables and herbs into tasty, nutrient dense nourishment that feeds the body, soul, and soil. Our flavors are inspired by the abundance of what is available seasonally and locally. This dance with nature and our local terroir keeps us inspired to create an ever-changing array of small-batch products and flavors. We grow or source locally over 90 percent of the ingredients used in our products during Virginia’s 9 month growing season each year.

Anathallo Acres: Anathallo Acres has been in the Moore family for four generations (since 1925) and is located on the iconic Bells Lane on the northernmost edge of Staunton, Va. After graduating from college with an undergraduate degree in entrepreneurship, I ran full-speed away from the farming life to work as a marketer in Charlottesville. In my down-time after work, I began reading Wendell Berry and quickly found myself longing more and more to return back to the land my family has known over the last 80 years. In 2016, I returned to my family farm and begain raising pastured poultry, pork, and beef and growing mushrooms.

Seasons Yield Farm: This farm is a dream come true for us, a dream that began during Daniel’s first deployment to Afghanistan with the U.S. Army. That was 8 years ago and after one more deployment and 6 more years of active-duty service, we arrived here in Virginia to stay. Our dream was to raise our family on a farm, grow our own food, and bring beauty and nourishment to the community surrounding us. We hope to do that by providing you and your family with the most wonderful products while allowing you the space to unwind, rest, and linger on our farm.