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Our Farming Practices

Posted on March 23rd, 2021 by Jessica Linton

Here at Meadow Wood Farm we use a variety of sustainable, regenerative, and organic practices to best manage our land. We have not gone down the organic certification path because after doing some research we realized those rules are written for big AG, something we aren't and are more often than not a list of allowed chemical fertilizers, pesticides, herbicides what have you, where we believe no chemicals should be allowed. 

Our produce and cut flowers are raised under reusable landscaping fabric for weed suppression, weeding is done by hand, and it is never sprayed with chemical fertilizers, pesticides, herbicides, or fungicides. Instead in the fall as we put in our cover crop we also add compost and manure to add any necessary nutrients to our soil. Then in the spring we till our soil once before planting to give us a good seed bed without losing any vital topsoil. 

Our beef, lamb, and pork is all rotationally grazed. Instead of having them trod over the same field for months and months, compacting the soil, eating grass down to the ground, our animals are moved daily to fresh pasture. You haven't seen joy until you have seen our cows jumping through fresh green grass. 

Our laying hens and chickens are also raised on pasture with a diet of bugs, grass, and non-GMO soy-free corn grown right here on the farm. Our laying hens follow the cattle in our rotation acting as the field sanitizers. They love scratching through cow pies, spreading out their nutrients and eating the flies that inevitably come with cow poo. Our Freedom Ranger Chickens and Pekin Ducks are kept in what we call "chicken tractors"; small, moveable, hoop house with roosting bars, water, and their feed, 24/7 access to fresh pasture, and shelter from storms and predators. Consequently, the quality of eggs and chicken that we have because of these practices is far better than anything you will find at a grocery. Get ready for bright yellow yolks and delicious chicken processed by us instead of in a massive chicken plant.