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Farm Happening May 29

Posted on May 29th, 2023 by Ilene Freedman



Farm Chi is kim chi made with whatever we are harvesting on the farm. Read my blog with the story and how to! Link in plain text below. Basically, start with napa cabbage soaked in a salt brine and then rinse and add bits like carrots, scallions, garlic scapes, turnips, chopped kale. Set on counter for a couple days until it is a bit zingy, then refrigerate. Easy probiotic goodness!

  • Make Kim Chi -- Read the story about “farm chi” and the recipe on my Mother Earth News blog here


Spring is for greens and I hope you've been enjoying them! I roll up the big collard leaves, slice them into ribbons and sautee briefly. Turnips and kohlrabi are two crunchy crops that balance all the lovely green things. Peel the tough purple skin of kohlrabi and just slice kohlrabi or turnips and eat raw! They sautee nicely too. Enjoy garlic scapes while they are here, chop and cook in everything. Enjoy the bok choy raw as edible spoons, chopped in salads with a sweet soy-sesame dressing, or sautee with garlic scapes and scallions. Use tatsoi, which is Asian spinach, as you would common spinach. It is good raw, cooked, sauteed, ribbon cut. I like it better than spinach! My family enjoys big napa leaves as a wrap. Make some summer rolls in rice wraps with chopped napa, bok choy, scallions, lettuce and some added carrots, and a peanut dip. Delicious! What are you eating these days?! Share on the Facebook Group for House in the Woods Farm and Friends. Inspire and be inspired.


  • We have a nice searchable collection of recipes on the farm blog, Check out the link below for spring crops including the ever-popular turnip fritter recipe.
  • If you’d enjoy an actual hold-in-your-hands cookbook to inspire you, I highly recommend Recipes from America’s Small Farms by Joanne Lamb Hayes and Lori Stein.


Join our farm Facebook group called House in the Woods Farm and Friends. This is a great place to post some photos and share your own foodie creations, ask questions, and read tips and ideas from others.