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Farm Happenings for May 25, 2023

Posted on May 22nd, 2023 by Ilene Freedman

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Early season harvests are full of succulent greens, so enjoy your salads and stir-fries. Find a couple favorite dressings and sauces. I might make a lemon-tahini dressing this week, but my go to is often a sweet sesame-soy salad dressing. I like it on napa cabbage slaw with shredded carrots and chopped tatsoi and chopped scallions. I’ve also been making a greek style salad, with lettuce or napa, slivered turnips, scallions, feta and olives. 



The farm is more like your garden than your grocery store. You are receiving selections of our harvest, straight from our fields. Sometimes they are harvested in pristine shape; those are beautiful days! Sometimes they are big, sometimes they are small, just like from your garden. Sometimes a few bugs have munched on a leaf; so be it. A grocery store would peel back a leaf with the tiniest hole in it. This is one of the reasons why you get much bigger heads of lettuce at the farm: we are not peeling it back to perfection. We plant a lot of different things and if one or two don’t work out, there are other crops that thrive. Just like your garden. 



Garlic scapes, also known as green garlic, are the seed pod off the garlic plant. They are a spring bi-product that we snap off and enjoy like chopped garlic. The pod end is a bit tough, I usually discard it. Chop the rest of the stem and add to stir-fries or blend in pesto. They can also be bakes, grilled or dehydrated.


If we've offered more than you want to take home, feel free to leave an item in its bin. We donate surplus to the Food Bank. You can customize your list online Mon-Tues.