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Farm Happening for November 1, 2021

Posted on November 1st, 2021 by Ilene Freedman

Happy November harvest! 

The fall extension on the farm is a special time. You get to enjoy the farm in autumn and the change of the seasons, from the scenery to the crops. Crops that rely on warmth start to slow down, like tomatoes and soon eggplant and ripening peppers. UPick flowers are on borrowed time, just waiting for that first real bite of frost to wrap up their season. And welcome back to the succulent greens of cool weather! I couldn’t believe how sweet and crisp this week’s turnips are. Soooo good. They are salad turnips and are intended to be eaten raw. They don’t even need to be peeled. Just slice and enjoy. (Purple top turnips are the ones people cook down and mash.) And this week we add big bountiful beautiful tatsoi and bok choy. Tatsoi is Asian spinach, enjoy it raw or lightly sauteed. Any way that you would eat spinach should work well. Bok Choy are like edible spoons--fun for kids! Or chop and add to an asian slaw. Enjoy your taste of fall this week! 


We are preparing to plant our garlic rows. Garlic is planted by breaking up a head of garlic into cloves and planting each clove a few inches apart with the pointing side facing up. It will sprout and pop through the ground. Garlic is best planted in the fall and then harvested by July 4. We save our best heads of garlic to use as our seed for next year.