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Farm Happening for October 25, 2021

Posted on October 25th, 2021 by Ilene Freedman


Oh don’t miss out on the delicate white sweet Hakurei salad turnips. And the bountiful crisp napa cabbages. Coming up in the next couple weeks are bok choy and tatsoi. Did you know our sweet potatoes and butternut squash are heirloom varieties? That’s one of the reasons they are so sweet.


Consider making Kim Chi with that big nappa cabbage. Our version is called "Farm Chi" because it uses whatever is growing in the garden--right now, that's napa cabbage, garlic, scallions, kale, and slivers of turnips. I like to add carrot slivers too. Fall is a great time to make a batch, because it will keep in your frig throughout the winter. You’ll have a crunch of farm freshness whenever you want.


Have you made it yet? 

Tunisian Pumpkin Soup by Moosewood…This is my go-to soup that I serve at fall bonfires at the farm. I use butternut squash every time for this recipe. The best part is the magic swirl of spices that you swirl into your bowl. It’s garlic, lemon, savory spices and cilantro.


Impressed that the zinnias and cockscomb are still giving us pretty bouquets. The colors are fading into cool heathered hues.

No more beans in the hut, pretty much. The cherry tomatoes continue to ripen a few, so there are snacks on the vine. Enjoy til first frost.