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Farm Happenings for August 19, 2021

Posted on August 16th, 2021 by Ilene Freedman


Last week I asked for rain and my wish came true. The drought conditions were getting very stressful on the plants and, therefore, on the farmers. So the rain has been welcome. Of course, there is often something to complain about when it comes to the weather. It is tricky to prepare the soil for new crops when it rains every day, as it is forecasted to do this week. Phil has seedlings of lettuce and beets and more ready to plant in the ground for fall crops, but the tractor can't build the rows and lay out the landscape cloth when the soil is too wet. So we'll be watching the weather carefully.


The green bean row is producing baby beans again, so there may be green beans to pick. Check it out! There are purple pole beans in the Bean Hut. Enjoy a few and save some for others. There are cherry tomatoes to pick, but the rain may affect the quantities. We'll see. They will split in the rain and fall, so you will see a lot rotting on the ground due to the rain. Normal. The nice thing about cherry tomatoes is that the vines keep producing flowers, so they will produce more fruit and become bountiful again. 


The Bean Hut is an enchanting archway of bean vines creating a little hut where purple beans grow. It is full of long purple beans hanging down, perfect for picking from any height. Go inside and pick a few. The vines curl around the trellis as they grow up and up, growing fast to create the hut. Do you remember before it was fully grown? Here is a blog I wrote for Mother Earth News to inspire other farmers and gardeners to grow a Bean Hut.


During tomato season, the summer sandwiches were never this easy! Appreciate fresh tomatoes while they last. Add a sliced heirloom tomato and it will elevate a sandwich. Goes great with pesto, grilled cheese, hummus, turkey...everything except peanut butter and jelly!


Have you made Ratatouille yet? Here’s your chance, while we are still harvesting tomatoes, eggplant and zucchini. Explore eggplant recipes, including ratatouille.


We do our best but sometimes it doesn't work out. Just let me know if you took home something that wasn't up to par or if the bin was empty for one of your items. I'll credit you an item on Harvie, to use for an Extra another time. 


You are encouraged to get onto the group and post some recipe inspiration for everyone! Not on the group? Find House in the Woods Farm and Friends and request a join.