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Farm Happening for August 12, 2021

Posted on August 9th, 2021 by Ilene Freedman



The giant sunflowers in Emily's Stand are in peak bloom. Behold the beauty! Thank you for the beautiful new sign goes to farm volunteers and interns Evie, Sonya, Addie and Abby. Read the story of Emily’s Stand here:  Emily’s parents, Lisa and Will, established an FCC scholarship fund in Emily’s name to honor her memory and support other students of social work. Consider feeding the fund. Click here to make a donation. Select Designation “Other” and put “Emily Marie Duckworth Scholarship” in the text box below. Details about the fund are here


Something special this week! We have watermelon pieces as a CSA share item! Old members know that our sons always grew and sold the watermelons. As busy teens, they decided not to grow the watermelons this year. So our farm volunteer team planted the watermelons and we are sharing them with you. Crimson Sweet is the variety, a pink (not so red) flesh. But so sweet! They are big watermelons, often weighing 15 pounds. We are cutting and carefully wrapping pieces for each share. These are local, organic, heirloom variety watermelons, with seeds. It's the real deal, as good as it gets. 


We have gotten used to droughts, which happen in August more often than not in recent years. We have an extensive drip irrigation system and multiple wells to support the farm. Some crops are stressed by it anyway, like our second set of cucumbers. But mostly, we manage. We grow a diversity of crops, knowing that some will thrive and some will not. There is strength in diversity of crops. Either way, we all eat well. If you see a rain cloud passing by, send it to visit the farm. Appreciate it.