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Farm Happening for September 24 week

Posted on September 21st, 2020 by Ilene Freedman


Last CSA harvest is Oct 1-2, but we will continue to offer our produce to you for sale through our virtual Farm Stand. Ordering will feel very much like customizing a CSA share. 

No eggs for sale this week, but they will be back soon. Nick thanks you for supporting his egg sales!

No, our farm is not for sale. There is a lot for sale next to our farm lane. You will see more signage and fencing to help clarify boundaries. No worries!


Farmer Phil says the key to surviving a zombie apocalypse is storing food for the winter. And the best food for the winter is butternut squash. Winter squash keeps well in dark, cool, dry-ish conditions. A basement that is not damp is ideal if you've got one. It's a good idea to check on squash routinely; if it is getting a soft spot, time to cook it up before the whole thing rots. Another way to preserve squash is to bake it and freeze it. I like to freeze butternut puree in the serving size for one of my favorite soups, Tunisian Pumpkin Soup. I use butternut and pumpkin interchangeably. You can also cut raw butternut into cubes and freeze them to drop into soups. 


We are really enjoying the Sunburst Patty Pans. They are like winter squash, because they tolerate overgrowing and longer storage than zucchini. I wonder if they work well like zucchini do, shredded and frozen. And so beautiful, works of nature's art.