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Happy July Harvest

Posted on July 6th, 2020 by Ilene Freedman


Many of you have asked me about the shady arbor over the Veggie Shed. Yes, it produces fruit! The fruit is hanging heavy now; it will be ready in September. It is a Northern Hardy Kiwi. It is the topic of my latest Mother Earth News blog; read it here


Easy salads and sandwiches make the best summertime lunches. As farmers, we are used to eating whole foods right in the garden, or bringing them home for minimal cooking and prep. Salads and sandwiches fit the bill and are elevated by the freshest organic produce. Try it out for yourself! Here are two “oldie but goodie” posts from the House in the Woods blog recipes to inspire you. Go to to peruse the recipe files.

Quick Summer Salads and Sandwiches by Ilene

The Veggie Sandwich with spread recipes


Did you notice your harvest bag is getting heavier? Bulky spring greens are making way for heavier summer crops, like squash, cucumbers, beets and dense round cabbages. We have to harvest squash and cucumbers every other day. The summer squash continue to produce heavily. Enjoy them! Grill patty pan and zucchini by slicing into long zuke slices or big patty pan circles, marinate in olive oil and fresh (or dried) herbs, then grill. If you set the long zukes across the slabs, they won’t fall through. And those patty rounds are the perfect shape for the grill. Grilled squash go great in pasta, sandwiches, or as a side. 

Corn is starting to come in! This is one of those crops you might not have in your offerings, because there is not enough to go around this first week. But more is coming! This is the first of a couple plantings, so corn will continue to be picked as available. To read more about how and why we grow such early corn, read about it here.


U-Pick is complimentary with your CSA share. Enjoy fresh herbs all season long. Flowers--there are still some available in the hoop house and the zinnias are starting to bloom in the outside row. Beans--the Bean Hut has purple beans hanging down! And green beans are plentiful. We are patiently waiting for Candy Lane to ripen: sweet cherry tomatoes. I have found a few, so keep your eye out!