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Farm Stand Farm Happenings for July 3, 2020

Posted on July 1st, 2020 by Ilene Freedman

Welcome to Farm Stand for one-time share orders! Please text me--Ilene--at 301-461-6575 when you get to the farm or find me when you arrive. Bring a tote for your veggies and a mask to wear. Friday 2pm-4pm pickup. Text me with any questions.

REMEMBER: Farm Stand is not for CSA members who already have a season-long share. 


Cucumbers grow their own sun umbrellas! The big leaves of cucumbers shade the cukes so they don’t get scorched by the sun. Clever design. I have to peak under leaves and move them aside to find all the cucumbers. Picking cucumbers is hard work. I have a love and hate relationship with a big cucumber patch. Like zucchini, it’s a lot of routine picking--every couple days--and heavy crates to haul back to the cooler. But what a bounty and a favorite crop to eat. I like them chilled and sliced. Maybe a little salt and lemon over them. Dipped in hummus. Chopped with parsley and tomatoes and sometimes quinoa. Enjoy your cucumbers!


Sauteed zucchini and yellow patty pan squashes are so delicious. If you take one of the big baking size zucchini, shred it and make zucchini bread or muffins. Or this delicious zucchini-crusted pizza recipe. It is so good, more like a crispy flat quiche, we don’t put toppings on it. I haven’t made it without cheese, but I am going to try. 


We are harvesting our garlic crop. You can see it airing out in the barn. It is curing now, which dehydrates the garlic with some airflow to strengthen the flavor and protect it from rotting on your counter. We are always a couple steps ahead of you: as you enjoy cucumbers and zucchini, we are busy planting the next crops. This week we are planting butternut squash and pie pumpkin seedlings that we started on tables a few weeks ago.