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Pop-Up Week #2-B

Posted on September 24th, 2021 by Bonnie and Rudy Geber

See you all at pick up this week! This is the last Farmers Market of the season, so we're busy preparing for that. It'll be nice to start to slow down as we've had a pretty fast and furious season and we're TIRED. We'll be continuing with boxes and will still have a pick up option in Libby even though the market won't be going on. Likely, we'll just set up a table in the same parking lot (by Fireman's Park) and have a shortened pick up timeframe. Our wholesale orders are all still in full swing, but we anticipate those beginning to slow down as well as our list of available crops will start to dwindle to only those cold hardy ones soon. Wish us luck, we've got a lot of clean up to do before it turns seriously cold! But enough about cold, it's supposed to be 70s and sunny tomorrow, so lets all get out and enjoy it!

Cheers, Rudy & Bonnie